Benefits of ATS integration will help you choose the right ATS.

6 Benefits of ATS Integration | Applicant Tracking System


Organizations of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the applicant tracking system (ATS). This system stores and changes the entire applicant’s data while recruiting. The managers can also align their status, and all the hiring metrics get tracked. However, its value is further enhanced once ATS integrates with other apps and efficiently helps your business scale.  

An applicant tracking system integration is an open data stream between the system and a third-party service provider. ATS integrations are beneficial, but it is not secure for the business when ATS starts outsourcing its core components like search, portal functions, and sourcing to third parties. However, the core feature of any software is effective when the same team creates it, so if any problem arises, it is solved easily and quickly. 

When any system is integrated with ATS for any function, it acts as a middleman. The company is less accountable to customers and saves the extra money spent on the research and development costs. 

Benefits of ATS integration will help you choose the right ATS.
GSuit and LinkedIn are the main integrations you should look for in an ATS

What is an ATS Integration?

ATS integrations connect the record system and their primary system, which the company uses as its ATS, with an external service for certain functionality unavailable in the original system.

For example, if any company is willing to provide a background check service, then ATS is easily integrated with a third–party that has a background check product. After that, the user of ATS software uses an external background checks service while the ATS service is hosted within the ATS user interface. Still figuring out what is ATS integration? Read here.

Why does ATS Integration Matter?

An effective hiring process must implement external app integration in ATS. Any applicant applying for the job has higher expectations from the job or company. They all need the process to be fast, smooth, and transparent. On the other hand, the HR managers also want this. HR managers in a company require that the recruiting process should be quick and efficient so the vacancy should be filled up on time. But various organizations are using multiple systems to track an applicant’s activity; hence it will slow the entire process and lead to delays or the loss of talented candidates. 

That’s why ATS integration with the HR system will prevent all these delays and strengthen the hiring process and enhance the companies’ productivity in the long run. It also ensures that applicants’ resume is moved faster through the process and that the entire hiring department can decide in a reasonable time frame. 

For example, with ATS integration with GSuite, we at PyjamaHR have an automated and seamless integration with a company’s email account, which is used to send and receive emails with Recruit CRM. Also, it is integrated with Google calendar, which is updated about your essential tasks and appointments. This process yields significant recruitment data like applicants’ opportunities for growth and potential to learn new skills and minimize hiring new candidates for that place.  

Benefits of ATS Integration 

There are multiple benefits of ATS integration offered by ATS providers and other HR managers. These are:

1. Reduce Redundant Data Entry

Nothing is more tedious than re-entering the same information repeatedly. However, this redundancy occurs when the system is integrated with ATS. This error is not only frustrating for the company but also the applicants. Therefore using ATS and a separate background check process, the applicants will receive various requests to fill in multiple documents. Hence these two systems can’t communicate and push out a streamlined series of papers. 

The ATS integration will resolve this redundancy and streamline generating the background check report. The HR manager is no longer required to waste their valuable time feeding the same data repeatedly and minimizes the chances of errors. The whole hiring process is smooth, faster, and cleaner. 

2. Superior Candidate Engagement

After a strong candidate starts the application process, time and engagement are of their essence. The hiring managers keep investing in the applicants throughout the process and ensure they are viable hires. The ATS integration ensures that all the people in the hiring teams are communicated and recorded in the systems. This enables managers to make decisions faster and avoid “candidate bidding” that costs extra to the company in terms of money and time.  

3. Accelerate Onboarding 

Once the applicant accepts the job offer, the process of onboarding begins. All the information collected during the recruitment process, like location, skills sets, service provisioning requirements, and other helpful information, is provided to new hiring managers and stakeholders. Hence effective integration of communication between the systems and process ensures a fast and productive operation. 

4. Better Candidate Experience

The applicants have only a chance to make the first good impression with resumes. Then as a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to make it smooth and represent your brand in the best possible way. If you want the best-talented people to fall under your brand umbrella, then an organization’s work atmosphere is appealing, and straightforward. However, availing LinkedIn integration from PyjamaHR will complement the existing recruiting workflow and fulfill the need of modern applicant requirements. 

The LinkedIn integration just like in PyjamaHR enables the hiring managers to screen every candidate’s profile and send private messages to the candidates without directly connecting with them on social media. It makes teamwork efficient at each stage of the hiring process, and the applicants are also happy with this quick response from them. The applicants are no longer required to wait for months for their selection. Moreover, the candidate will appreciate this immediate response and solidify your company’s reputation. 

5. Enhance Hiring Credibility among Candidates

An organization with a continuous hiring and recruitment process will make an informed decision based on multiple data sources and enhance its credibility in applicants’ eyes. The applicants are confident that the organization they are applying to is making good decisions and that the decision process is completely transparent. 

6. Increased Productivity

Happy or inspired candidates who feel wanted by a company will bring high morale within the organization. High confidence will lead to higher productivity, proving a huge benefit for a company in a competitive marketplace. 

How to Select the Right Integration for ATS?

With a powerful and easy–to–use ATS integration platform like PyjamaHR enables the hiring managers and other stakeholders in the company to connect with an on-premise application that allows driving ROI, increases customer satisfaction, and gives them an edge in the competitive market. Hence before buying ATS software, check your company’s needs accordingly. 

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