What is ATS Integration

ATS integration has become crucial for hiring and recruiting
ATS integration has become crucial for hiring and recruiting

A single source of information cannot provide a comprehensive applicant review. Effective candidate hiring is a mixture of multiple sources like formal interviews, two-way communication, discussion, background check, etc. Sometimes even the resumes do not highlight the deficiencies in the applicants. The interviewers only learn about these deficiencies through oral communications and interviews.

Integrating an Applicant tracking system for hiring and recruiting has become an absolute must for HR managers. HR managers are under constant pressure to find and hire the top talent in the company. Accessing the right sources helps them achieve their target easily; if not, the wrong candidate can profoundly impact the growth and success of the company.

Integrating an ATS in the HR systems reduces the manual task of maintaining the data of the applicants, which might often result in the loss of talent availability. ATS makes the process efficient and ensures the candidates are always in the loop.

For example, integrating an ATS like PyjamaHR with onboarding is key in hiring. After hiring a candidate, you must welcome them into the company. They should also be acquainted with the company’s culture and practices to help them learn more about the workplace. This process makes recruitment data critical in changing the recruitment system to increase the talent pool. Thus, organizations must integrate onboarding with recruiting data stored in the ATS.

ATS integration has become crucial for hiring and recruiting
ATS integration for a seamless hiring process

Benefits of Integrating the Entire System with an ATS

Applicant tracking systems play a huge role in the recruitment and hiring process, making the life of recruiters easier. You don’t have to perform long manual tasks of maintaining candidates’ data, email communications, scheduling interviews, etc.

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To facilitate this process, ATS must be integrated with your entire system to make the process more efficient and provide maximum benefit. We have some of the benefits here.

Automated Process

With ATS integration, the manual labor comes down to 0! Hiring managers save their time and can now spend their tasks on more critical tasks. All candidate data is stored in one centralized software, making it easier to find candidates amongst the talent pool you want to contact for the open position.

Using an ATS saves the HR manager time by importing the job advertisement to all the job portals with just one click! You can send follow-up emails for making an offer or informing the candidate about the rejection at once without having to draft them individually. Even the interview scheduling process becomes automated as HR no longer has to send individual emails to the interviewer and the interviewee.

Faster Candidate Discovery

Earlier, the HR managers would have to manually go through 100s of resumes, shortlist the suitable candidates, and begin the entire interview scheduling process before making a final offer. However, it is not possible to manually screen such a large number of candidates’ profiles in the modern era. Integrate an Applicant Tracking System, like PyjamaHR, with your recruiting and hiring process to sort this issue.

You can integrate the applicant tracking system with multiple job portals simultaneously. The data is different on different job portals, and when you integrate it, it accelerates the search applications. As a result, the hiring managers save a lot of time navigating candidate data.

ATS pre-scans the resumes and applications according to the specific skills, experience, or keywords mentioned in the job description. Consequently, it helps in quickly shortlisting the candidates. Further processes like interview scheduling and emails are then generated automatically.

Accelerated Onboarding

Onboarding begins right after the candidate accepts the job offer. The candidate’s information collected during the application process, including the job role, skills sets, training requirements, and other critical information, is available to the hiring manager and other onboarding stakeholders. Integration of data between the ATS and processes ensures an accelerated onboarding process.

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The data collected by the ATS also allows the employers to know the candidates’ skills and provide training accordingly for the potential job role. It also allows the candidates to get acquainted with the work culture.

Better Candidate Experience

The applicant tracking system makes the recruitment process more efficient and enhances the candidate experience exponentially. It is crucial to create the right experience for hiring the right talent in your company. While hiring, always remembers the candidates you are hiring to become your company’s brand ambassadors. Regardless of whether you hire a candidate, a good ATS always provides professional experience to candidates that they may recommend to others.

Candidates need no longer wait for months to get a letter of rejection. ATS generates automated error-free emails to the candidates informing them about the rejection or acceptance of their candidature.

When candidates are in the loop, they have a better opinion about the company, whether they win or lose. It also helps maintain a good relationship between the candidate and the hiring manager, which is beneficial when the company has a new job opening in the future matching the candidate’s profile.

ATS makes the recruitment process & candidate experience more effective
ATS enhancing candidate experience

Increased Productivity

An increase in productivity is directly related to the efficiency in work and saving time. When the tasks of the HR managers are automated, they are likely to become more productive.

The ATS provides several tools that save time and manual effort when integrated with the hiring and recruitment process. ATSs automate the interview scheduling process, generate email automatically, pre-screen the resume, and help in the recruitment analytics. Every task is geared towards efficiency.

Without the manual effort of maintaining long candidate datasheets, scheduling interviews, sending back and forth emails, etc., HRs save a lot of time. By integrating ATS, you can perform the same tasks with accuracy and speed – the very essence of increasing productivity.

5 ATS Integrations every Recruiter should Know About

Applicant tracking systems meet your recruitment needs. There are many types of ATS integrations to suit the needs of the different recruiters. Some of the integrations that PyjamaHR gives you as a recruiter are job board integration, social media integration, HR software integration, app integration, and company website integration.

Job Boards Integration

Finding jobs on job boards like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri and other job portals has become relatively easy for candidates. A quick search and a simple click! What should you do to get the attention of the potential candidates for your open position?

PyjamaHR integrates with the most relevant job portals and sites to post all the job listings hassle-free. If the ATS integrates well with multiple job boards, it becomes easier to post the job advertisement directly through the ATS. Thus, HR no longer needs to post the job advertisements separately on different job sites and portals. Now you can save a lot of time spent on manual labor.

Social Media Platform Integration

Using social media for multiple purposes is the new trend for the younger generation. Social media is thus a great place for the HRs to post and for the candidates to research the company’s brand and culture.

Surveys show that social media has become a crucial platform in the recruitment process. So, it is essential to integrate the social media tools directly with an applicant tracking system to identify, attract, engage, and hire the top talents in your company.

Integrating social media platforms with ATS helps you to post your job advertisements efficiently on multiple social media channels in one go. You can also use the analytics to understand better which platform performs better and attracts a larger pool of talent. You can thus focus your efforts there.

HR Software Integration

Technology is of vital importance when you want to recruit the right candidates. You must ensure that the ATS integrates well with the HR software. PyjamaHR helps easily integrate HR software platforms like employee engagement and management, payroll, employee satisfaction, etc. These features help in recruiting even after the open positions are filled.

Integrating ATS with the HR software adds the new employees automatically to the payroll and gets them started with their training. As a result, the onboarding experience becomes seamless for the new hires who are likely to recommend your company to their family and friends.

App Integration

ATS allows integration with communication applications which is crucial in the hiring process. Email communication app, facilitated by every ATS, is the most important. ATS integration allows the emails sent to the candidates from the ATS to also show in your Gmail account in the ‘sent items’ and vice versa.

If Gmail is your primary means of communication, using ATS becomes a blessing! You can easily connect your ATS with email marketing software if you want to send bulk emails. It is impossible to send thousands of emails to source candidates for open positions without these tools.

Apart from emailing the candidates, you will also need to share the candidate information with members of the hiring team that do not have access to the ATS you use. In such cases, integrating the ATS with collaboration applications like Slack helps quickly send the resumes and other relevant information to the other company members.

ATS integration with communication and collaboration apps makes the hiring process faster
ATS integration with communication applications

Company Website Integration

The ATS must be able to extract and access the candidate information from the job posts on your career page. ATS allows you to extract the data by adding a widget to your site. This process is less complicated than making major changes to the company website to accommodate it. While choosing an ATS, you must ensure that company website integration is an option!

Integrating ATS like PyjamaHR with your website simplifies the process for the HR team. Also, it makes it easier for the interested candidates to find out more about the open positions. When candidates find the required data all in one place without having to search all over the internet, they are more likely to apply to the open position in your company.

How to Choose the Right Integrations for your ATS

Integrations allow your ATS to work as a software and use the full potential of your applications and tools during the hiring and recruiting process. While choosing an ATS system, make sure that you have reviewed the integrations carefully. An ATS should have integrations that you can use in your recruitment process. If it doesn’t serve the purpose you have bought it for, it is simply useless.

Check your company’s needs and choose the ATS accordingly. ATS must equip you will all the necessary integrations to facilitate your HR team in the hiring and onboarding process. The key is to understand your recruitment needs, check the size of your company, set the budget and check the pricing, and see whether it is easy to use.

PyjamaHR is one such free ATS that equips you will all these facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does ATS integration mean?

Integrating an Applicant tracking system for hiring and recruiting has become an absolute must for HR managers. HR managers are under constant pressure to find and hire the top talent in the company. Accessing the right sources helps them achieve their target easily; if not, the wrong candidate can
profoundly impact the growth and success of the company.

How do ATS systems work?

ATS systems:
Automate the hiring process
Help in faster candidate discovery
Accelerate the onboarding process
Provide better candidate experience
Increase productivity

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