What is Meant by Candidate Experience

In simple terms, candidate experience is how they feel about your company once they experience the hiring process. It is the perception of a prospective candidate about the company from the initial job search to the application process, interview, and onboarding.
Great candidate experience is directly related to the successful hiring and recruiting process which incorporates the entire hiring process from first interaction between the recruiter and the candidate to the final point of rejection or selection. So, a good candidate experience will make candidates feel good about your company after seeing how you treat them.

List of All The Ingredients for a Great Candidate Experience

To leave a good impression on the candidate, it is important to incorporate a number of ingredients. This will provide a great experience to the candidates and leave an indelible imprint on their minds. Some of these are:

  • Understand your candidates’ journey
  • Write a clear job description
  • Make the application process easy and concise
  • Keep the candidates in the loop
  • Communicate with the candidates during each step of the hiring process.
  • Value candidates time
  • Keep a follow up on the candidates

Understand the Candidates’ Journey

For a great candidate experience, it is important to know the candidate’s experience during the job hunting process. It starts before the candidate applies for a job and continues until after being hired. It includes all the aspects from awareness, consideration, interest, application, selection, hiring, and onboarding. All these touchpoints should give the candidate a great experience.

Create a Proper Job Description with an Easy Application Process

Keep your job description clear and jargon-free. Use simple language and well-described roles and responsibilities. However, do not add an endless list of requirements, which puts off the candidates. Structure the job description in a way that can be easily read. Mention the essential details such as the manager’s name, salary description, working hours, etc. This will keep the candidates in the loop. Make sure that the application process isn’t lengthy, as this increases the chance of employees dropping out of applying. Ensure that the application process is easy, brief, and concise. You can also make your application process mobile-friendly to ease out the process.

Ensure Proper Flow of Communication and Allocate Proper Time

To elevate the candidate experience, it is essential to communicate with the candidates and keep them informed during the entire hiring process. Make the interview and assignments direction clear and be transparent about your timeline. Give the candidates a clear timeline for getting back. Proper communication will always help build the relationship between the potential candidate and the employer. Keep hiring timeline transparent and keep candidates updated along the way.

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Give Proper Attention to the Candidate

Giving proper attention to candidates means reviewing the candidate’s profile properly. Prepare for interviews by informing the candidate of the interview date and timing beforehand, giving them ample time to prepare. It is also important to greet the candidate after they join for the interview. When interviewing a candidate, give them complete attention. Don’t rush through the interview. Listen to what they have to offer. At the end of the interview, thank them.

Give Proper Information Regarding What the Candidate Can Expect

For a great candidate experience, it is essential to give proper information to the candidate regarding what is expected from the interview they gave. Tell them clearly whether they are selected or rejected for the next round of interviews. Giving them a clear message with positive feedback also allows them to learn from the interview experience with your company. Send them best wishes and ask them if they want to stay in touch for future positions in your company.

Value Candidate’s Time

For a great candidate experience, value their time. Keep the candidates informed about the interview timing and the result. If you are sure that a particular candidate is unfit for the job position, inform them about it. Apart from this, do not keep changing the interview dates and timings according to your convenience as this will not leave a good impression on them. In case of emergencies, inform the candidates.

Keep Track of Good Candidates and Follow Through

Tell the candidates that you will keep them in mind for future jobs. Applicant tracking systems help stay in touch with high-potential candidates by providing a searchable database of applicants on a single platform. Keeping in touch with these candidates can help get in touch with them for future job openings. These potential candidates ultimately lead to the company’s growth.

Be Open to Feedback

Be open to giving and taking feedback from the candidates. A candidate experience survey can help structure your questions to improve candidate experience. Taking feedback will help you know the drawbacks and areas that need to be focused on and some of the things you need to do to ensure candidate satisfaction.

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