This is how companies hire the best salesperson

To fill a sales position, you need someone with demonstrated ability to set and maintain impressive results for your sales efforts. A sales expert who can make countless sales calls and a door knocker who can inspire other sales executives with impressive door-to-door sales qualities. This blog will discuss foolproof approaches to hire a salesperson that delivers.

1. Create a sales candidate profile

The desirable traits of a salesperson differ based on the industry. Look at the top sales performers in your company to create a fictional candidate profile for the open position. Define personality traits, skill sets, backgrounds and experience. 

Sales candidate profile

Usually, top sales candidates are modest, hard-working, curious and achievement-oriented. Other crucial considerations include – an understanding of the complete sales lifecycle, previous records and experience in the industry.

2. Use the right channel to source sales candidates

When you know what kind of sales team can ensure extraordinary sales numbers, it is time to look for sourcing channels. Go to the right sourcing channels with a lot of sales profiles. Top sourcing channels include:

Job boards

Job boards differ in terms of the type of candidates they attract. The most popular job sites to source sales candidates are:

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  • Indeed

It is a popular job board with millions of sales job seekers. To attract a wide number of potential sales candidates, post your sales jobs on Indeed. Use “Indeed for employers” to access a rich database of sales candidates, view their profiles, and download resumes. 

  • Naukri

It is another popular job board companies use to hire a salesperson. It has a wealth of sales job candidates. Millions of job seekers regularly visit Naukri jobs. Post your sales job on Naukri to attract qualified sales candidates to apply. Consider using Naukri Resdex, a candidate database widely popular among recruiters. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the preferred social networking platform for working professionals. Hence, for job seekers across any role, maintaining a LinkedIn presence is a must. Moreover, it is the recruiters’ first preference to source qualified candidates. Consider posting your sales job on LinkedIn to not miss out on suitable sales candidates.  

Consider measuring the performance of job boards to find out which works best for you.

Sales recruitment agencies

Consult recruitment agencies that specialise in recruitment of sales force. They have the expertise to source and assess best-matched sales candidates based on the position’s job function and seniority level.

Employee referrals

Current sales employees are ideal people to recommend sales candidates from their network. They know the company’s sales expectations and are familiar with the work culture. Hence, sales employees coming through employee referrals are most suitable.

3. Screen to filter out quality sales candidates

After sourcing enough sales candidates, effective screening is required to filter the top candidates. An applicant tracking system like PyjamaHR can help you filter sales candidates based on their background, education and experience level. Use phone screening and video conferencing to filter out quality sales candidates from a large volume of applicants. 

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Review candidates’ sales metrics and growth trajectory

Candidates’ growth trajectory

Check if your prospective sales candidate’s resume shows the results of their sales strategies in their previous companies. Look for numbers that quantify their achievements. Some prominent metrics include sales growth rate, lead conversion ratio, customer lifetime value and customer churn rate.

Sales metrics

4. Ask candidates to demonstrate their sales skills

A sales demo is the best way to evaluate a sales candidate. Ask them to demonstrate their skills to sell a product/service. It can be any product/service or product/service your company sells. It will help you assess candidates’ presentation skills as they face customers. 

Sell me this pen
Source – OnePageCRM

5. Offer competitive compensation

When the candidate has gone through all the rounds, it is time to make an offer. Competitive salary, commissions, rewards for top performers and benefits like health insurance, reimbursements and paid time off appeal to sales candidates.

Use the above tips to hire a salesperson. Hiring suitable salespersons will boost your company’s sales and revenue growth. Start with planning, and give enough time and effort to find the best sales candidates who can immediately start contributing to your company’s success. Consider using an applicant tracking system like PyjamaHR to automate manual and repetitive jobs.

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