Benefits of ATS for a Streamlined Hiring Process

ATS efficiently automates the hiring and recruitment process from creating job postings to consolidating applicant databases.
ATS efficiently automates the hiring and recruitment process from creating job postings to consolidating applicant databases.

An ATS (applicant tracking system) is essentially a software that automates and manages the hiring and recruitment process. It creates job postings and organizes information about job seekers, and makes it searchable.

It also helps with scheduling interviews, sending automated emails to candidates, and issuing notifications. It is beneficial in reusing the job description for multiple positions, reducing the effort.

It maintains a database of the candidates who may be prospects for future job roles as well. It handles the entire process, from creating a job posting to hiring a candidate.

ATS efficiently automates the hiring and recruitment process from creating job postings to consolidating applicant databases.
ATS effectively streamlines the hiring process.

7 Primary Benefits of an ATS

An applicant tracking system should possess features that ease the hiring and recruitment process. A good ATS should assess the recruitment process, elevate candidate experience, facilitate collaborative hiring, reduce time to fill, help in interview scheduling, improve hire quality, be a cost-effective, one-click job posting to multiple sites.

Automated Administration

An applicant tracking system helps in automating the administrative task. The manual handling of the excel sheet is a tedious task for HR. The traditional method of maintaining candidates’ data, scheduling interviews, and other hectic tasks led to extreme manual labor.

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ATS automates the entire administration process from posting the job on various job portals, maintaining candidates’ data, scheduling interviews, to hiring candidates.

ATS automates the entire administration process by automatically administering tasks.
ATS automatically administers tasks

Consolidated Applicant Database

Applicant tracking systems have made recruitment processes better and faster. It is a type of software that can be used by businesses of any size. Whether you are looking to hire a handful of people or hundreds of people, applicant tracking systems are a great way to manage the process.

One of the things that make this type of software so valuable is that it provides you with a consolidated applicant database. Instead of having to sort through paper applications or digital resumes in multiple folders, everything is compiled into one database.

Now, if you want to find out how many applicants have applied for a certain position, all you need to do is search the database. If you want to keep track of the applicants who were offered positions and the applicants who were hired, this information can be stored in the database as well.

The consolidated applicant database feature simplifies the management of candidate resumes as it acts as a centralized system for storing them. It makes searching for resumes easier by allowing you to filter out desired candidates from this database as per specific criteria.

ATS keeps every applicant database in one place by consolidating them all.
ATS consolidates applicant databases.

Employer Branding

It allows the candidates to visit the career page and read the job description, and then apply for the job role. Candidates’ interaction with the brand forms an opinion about the company as an employer.

ATS provides a platform that offers easy ways to build informative, interactive, and attractive career pages, craft effective job ads and easy-to-complete application forms.

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Flexible Scheduling

This unique feature of PyjamaHR creates unique hiring events for each job listing. It connects with candidates directly on this applicant tracking system. It is about customizing the actual event experience so that attendees are more engaged and find the event easily.

Candidate Evaluation

Candidate Evaluation is a critical aspect of the hiring process. An applicant tracking system is handy in evaluating the candidate’s skills and qualifications as per the job role. Objective and effective methods help in finding the best candidate amongst all.

ATS provides a platform with various interview and assessment kits to evaluate candidates according to their performance and then find the best one.

Talent Pool

The applicant tracking system creates a pool of talent. It offers a platform to find the most qualified and skilled candidate suitable for the role. Once the job ad is posted on the job boards and career sites, it is likely to attract a large number of candidates to apply; This increases the number of applicants for a particular job role.


Traditional hiring methods involved a team for resume screening, interviewing, maintaining candidates’ data, scheduling interviews, and for various other hiring stages. An ATS helps automate the hiring process and ease the entire process of tracking data. Also, teams can now leave comments, check each other’s evaluations, and discuss the hiring process status.

Reports and Analytics

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has a plethora of functionalities that help in the recruitment process. One of the main features is analytics which helps in the identification of key trends and also assists in tracking the recruitment process and performance.

Applicant tracking system analytics can be used for generating reports for different stages of the recruitment process, including:

Sales and Marketing: In order to ensure growth, sales and marketing departments need to understand how their strategies are helping the organization. ATS reports can be used to generate information on how many candidates have applied for jobs through the career page or how many of them were referred by current employees.

Recruitment: Reports generated from ATS show how many applications were received, the number of qualified candidates, and the time is taken to fill positions. This can also be used to identify candidate sourcing channels that bring quality resumes.

Onboarding: With an ATS software, you can create reports that show employee onboarding details like their name, position applied for and hire date, etc., making it easier to identify who is joining the organization within a specific period.

Security & Encryption

Encryption is the process of encoding data in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.

The most common method of encryption is called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit, which refers to the length of each encrypted key.

Most applicant tracking systems allow you to set up two-factor authentication, which means that you must enter a code sent to your mobile phone when logging in from a new device. This additional layer of security keeps your account even safer.

Other than encryption, most applicant tracking systems feature password protection to restrict access to certain features or to the entire system itself. This is generally a two-tier security measure where you have to enter a password to log into your account, after which you are required to enter an answer to a personal question before proceeding further.


The ATS dashboard is an intuitive visual representation of the recruitment process that helps the HR managers to analyze their recruiting activities and gain better insights into their hiring processes.

The recruiters can view all the important tasks such as tracking and managing candidates, job posting, and other administrative tasks right on the dashboard.

The ATS dashboard also provides a real-time snapshot of the hiring process and helps in reviewing the performance of different job candidates. The recruiters can view the candidate’s education details, work experience, skills, etc. not only on one single page but also with detailed information on each page.

The dashboard makes it easy for recruiters to search for suitable candidates based on various criteria such as skills, salary requirement, job title, location, etc., enabling them to create a shortlist of potential candidates.

Finding the Best ATS for an Effective Hiring Process

When choosing an ATS for any organization, one should consider certain things; An ATS should be user-friendly and well-integrated. It should be free of any hiring bias and cost-effective. A proper ATS helps better analyze, track, and strategize the talent acquisition process.

PyjamaHR shines with collaborative features, interview scheduling, data handling, and providing the best assessments. Its intuitive interface simplifies how an organization sources, manages and hires candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does ATS help with recruitment?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps companies organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. These systems allow businesses to collect information, organize prospects based on experience and skill set, and filter applicants.

How much time does an ATS save?

On the other side, the research has shown that implementing an ATS has significantly reduced the workload for the recruiters. Some suggest that recruiters spend up to 20% less time on hiring when using an ATS solution.

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