This is how staffing agencies attract clients to make more money 

Developing a strong relationship with the clients has been the foundation of every staffing agency. An easy way to do this is by staying connected with the clients and meeting their expectations. 

In this blog, we’ve discussed 6 proven points every successful staffing agencies focus on:

1. Tackling pain points in recruitment

Recruitment pain points

It is the painful recruitment challenges that drive companies to staffing firms. Pour enough thought into Identifying efficient ways to tackle some of the well-known challenges in recruitment. Usually, recruiters face slow hiring and struggle to attract qualified candidates. 

As a staffing agency, the best way to overcome these challenges is by developing an industry-wise candidate network and building a consolidated database of screened and vetted candidates. So, when a client reaches out to you with an urgent need, you don’t have to adopt a hurried approach and compromise on the quality of the hires.

2. Understanding clients’ industry

When you have to find qualified candidates for jobs, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about the industry. Research to better understand the workload in companies belonging to a certain industry. It will help you to identify the workforce requirement of your clients.

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3. Fulfilling clients’ expectations

Clarity on what clients need is the first step in fulfilling their expectations. Work with them to set criteria before you start the recruitment process. Set targets and fixed deadlines. It will help you stay disciplined and speed up your recruitment to meet clients’ expectations on time.

4. Streamlining your recruitment process

Consider streamlining your recruitment process to meet clients’ requirements proactively. Avoid tedious manual paperwork and spreadsheets. Leverage recruitment softwares to automate time-consuming tasks. Use an applicant tracking system like PyjamaHR to collect and store applications. Quickly screen and filter out unqualified candidates and move them to further levels as they progress in the hiring process. 

Also, prioritise tasks to avoid delays. Pay attention to answering candidate emails and client inquiries on time.

5. Working on client feedback

Working on feedbacks

Be available to respond to clients’ feedback on social media, email and the company’s contact page. Respond quickly to every review and address complaints. It will put you in a good light, suggesting you care about your client’s concerns and are ready to resolve them faster.

Keep track of positive and negative feedback to identify gaps in your work process. Doing so, you will be able to improve them when you work with similar clients in future.

6. Sharing your success stories

Sharing success story

To convince potential clients they need your service, share your success stories. Post case studies, record client testimonials and other promotional content to share on your official website, social media platforms and other channels where most of your target clients spend their time.

Using the above tips, you can meet both candidates’ needs and the client’s expectations. Using the right recruitment tool will help you realise your recruitment strategies efficiently and be extremely rewarding.

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