Good Applicant Tracking System: 10 Golden Rules

Many companies seeking to recruit potential candidates require creating job descriptions and posting this to their Social Media handles and sharing these job descriptions on other platforms that support the recruitment process. The entire process requires effort to get the very best of prospective employees. That is why a company needs to be equipped with a Good ATS to handle applications in an organized and stress-free way.

In most cases, companies find it very difficult to let go of an old ATS that has been of no good use. They are also very slow in taking advantage of modern technology and the New Recruitment software or an Applicant Tracking system, making it difficult to achieve their desired goal.

A good ATS can undoubtedly facilitate the company’s recruitment drive by assisting in marketing the job description to various platforms, social engagement, and ensuring that the workflow goes smoothly. The modern recruiting ATS will also ensure that the candidates are provided with the necessary information once shortlisted. An organization must select a good ATS because choosing the wrong one negatively impacts the company’s hiring process. It could result in the loss of potential candidates and a waste of energy, time, and resources. Tension could also arise within the company when they discover their inability to hire top candidates due to having a poor Applicant Tracking System.

10 Golden Rules that Makes an ATS Good for Your Organization

The following are ten golden rules that make a good ATS.

  1. Quality and Simple Communication


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It is imperative to select an ATS with good communicative and Interactive skills. Companies should adapt to the modern technology that allows the recruiting team to work together on the platform. The HR manager needs to access everything relating to the recruitment process for a good interview. For this to happen, A suitable Applicant Tracking System has to be fully equipped to provide interviewers with the necessary information and assist them in conversing with candidates and clearing their doubts when needed. A good ATS should be able to send a reminder to prospective employees about their Interviews and timings. The company’s event calendar should also be updated to ensure everyone gets informed of the scheduled date and timings. This is why it is important to select a good ATS because it reduces the time and energy that would have been invested. Having an ATS with good communication is paramount.


One needs to understand the business requirements of your company to determine the systems that would be best for the organization to use. This has to be considered in selecting a Good Applicant tracking system for the company’s needs. There are many startups and large businesses that have global connectors and operators. Such large companies require a perfect ATS that can manage their needs. Many vendors would try to market their ATS but what should be considered is how efficient they are in the recruitment process. We need to scrutinize whatever is presented to the company to ensure that we are being offered modern, effective recruitment methods. It is very inappropriate for you to select an ATS just because another company seems to be using the same. You need to acknowledge what works best for your company and work towards that. Please discuss with the vendor so he understands your needs to create an excellent recruiting platform to support what your company needs.


There are important factors to reflect on when it comes to employer branding. A company needs to make its site effective enough so that candidates do not get frustrated while accessing and trying to fill out their applications. Most candidates find it inconvenient when they are asked to create a profile on the site before filling out their application. They are most likely to leave the area and forget about the application entirely. This leads to a bad user experience and may cause a massive loss of potential candidates. There should be a good and relaxing experience when assessing a suitable Applicant Tracking System.


Employee referrals are effective sources the company can use in hiring top-quality talent. Top-class companies know that in securing potential candidates, one of the best programs that can facilitate that is Employee Referrals. Although many companies see the importance of getting employee referrals, some find it difficult to get these employees involved in the hiring process. Just make sure that there is a free trial for the applicant tracking system to give them access to use their employee referral capabilities. 


One of the added advantages of having a sound Applicant Tracking system is managing your applicant’s details by effortlessly searching and filtering through the vast amount of applications that the company receives. As good as it seems, many ATS fall short of this feature and leave the HR manager with the workload. It should have a simple and logical functionality that helps this information get displayed in formats that can be understood. 


Companies should ensure that they have their corporate website integrated with the Applicants Tracking System to reduce the stress of having candidates go through another link to fill out their applications. It is essential to understand the company’s product ability to integrate into ATS quickly. The addition of custom integrations when getting ATS is critical.


Most companies want an ATS that keeps them on track and manages the workflow. A Good ATS helps reduce unnecessary obstacles and inconveniences that threaten to hinder the workflow in the recruitment process. Hiring top candidates with unique qualities requires having a job description with all the requirements. A sound applicant tracking system helps to determine full transparency in the workflow. It also gives employers an analysis of which areas of the recruiting process need more attention.


When migrating to a better platform, companies must transfer applicants from the old database to the new one. Managers should ensure that they inquire about the possibility of migrating to a new system without having to lose the old data. Applications are received from different sources and therefore are piled in separate files within the database. Ensure that you get all the files into the new system to allow your company to consolidate new incoming candidates’ information.


It is no news that modern-day recruiting requires social media networks. These potential candidates showcase themselves on social media, searching for promising companies ready to recruit them for jobs. So Social media is indeed the place to scout for those candidates. Ensuring that your ATS is fully integrated with these social media platforms is vital. It makes it easy for your company to share job descriptions on social media and check the data received. The results will then determine how well integrated your applicant’s tracking system is with the social media recruitment process.


A sound Applicant tracking system makes it easier for stakeholders to access information. It provides the company with easy access to candidates that match the job description displayed. The ability to leverage sources to attract high-quality talent and review applications provides room for analysis and improvements. This helps to improve the quality of hires and reduces the stress of getting the right candidate for the job. It’s easier, faster, less expensive, and more effective.

The above are 10 Golden Rules/Tips to enable you to select a Good Tracking System. This article is to help make it easier for you to enhance the recruitment process for your organization without going through the stress of having to check multiple sites.

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