What is Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial for work satisfaction. It is strategic planning where engaged employees can provide improved work quality and their best productivity levels. Employees are engrossed in such engagement as it helps develop both mental and emotional bonds towards the work. It helps employees get enthusiastic about the work they do. This marketing strategy is crucial in developing and sustaining engagement for all members of an organization.

Role of HR in employee engagement

HR has a pivotal role in employee engagement. Regular and deliberate communication is the key responsibility. The HR needs to have a holistic view of the employee-employer contract, supporting managers and leaders adequately to get engrossed in the work. HR needs to equip stakeholders with the right resources and develop a learning strategy accessible and relevant for all. HR posits an all-encompassing positive environment that can promote recognition in the work culture.

Role of Managers in Employee Engagement

Managers need to engage with employees, train them for their success roles, communicate feedback, recognize the hard work and promote healthy work habits. A good and engaged manager who can build trust, listen to the concerns, and get more engaged with employees’ lives is a bright side of part of the growth and development of the organization. This often leads to better performance, higher retention rates, and engaged teams capable of growth and innovation.

Role of Employees in Employee Engagement

Engagement is personal, no matter how many external forces are with you. Unless employees themselves feel they need to be more engaged and responsible, nothing can bear good fruit. Employees with low engagement often dread going to work. Engagement is a choice that employees need to make consciously. Using one’s strength, building an action plan, and being accountable to oneself for own success are some role models employees need to engage in.

Employee Engagement Activities

Some good ways to engage include looking for outdoor activities, team lunches, volunteering, charitable events, and introducing employees through formal and informal networks. This is important as it builds trust, allows flexibility, recognizes the strength of the employees, and often gives them a chance to lead. Employee engagement parties, sports events, and team-building activities keep employees happy and engaged.

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Team Lunches

Culinary team building activities ensure that employees bond over food and drinks. It ensures that employees enjoy quality time and results in an engaging environment.

Workplace Parties

Throwing annual office parties is an excellent way to ensure employees feel the organization enjoys their company. Inviting significant others is also a good way to make their heart and mind happy.

Employee Games, Tournaments, and Competitions

Involving employees in tournaments, games, and competitions brings a holistic outlook to engagement. This ensures they enjoy their time outside work culture in the company and help them to engage and give their best foot in the workplace.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities teach trust, recognition, a sense of sharing, and bonding over colleagues. This increases their problem-solving tips and helps them build relationships that can achieve good goals while working together.


Employees can be engaged more by recreating environments where they are trained in discussions, polling, dialogue delivery. This is a proven strategy to mobilize employees to better commit and engage in the work.

Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

With work from home becoming the norm of the day in such unprecedented times, improving the relationship between the organization and remote workers has been enhanced with virtual employee engagement activities. Online games, work-from-home activities, supporting more virtual interactions are some ways to engage. Gamifying the teamwork, hosting virtual meetings, encouraging health and wellness are important as the workforce continues to work from home.

Virtual Events

Online office games, virtual team building bingo, using social media platforms, sharing and celebrating success online can be some virtual events to make employees happy and engaged. Adding participatory elements in virtual events can also make employees feel more connected.

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Virtual Awards and Recognitions

Virtual thank-yous are an understatement. Some measures of virtual awards and recognitions include celebrating virtual work anniversaries, making remote employee appreciation day with good wishes, praising publicly, and criticizing privately.

Online Office Games

Making remote onboarding games is a memorable event. Playing fun virtual games where you aren’t together but feel more connected can bring up the team spirit and foster growth among employees.

Online Training

Making sure that online training is interesting, relevant, and engaging, creating rewarding training activities, setting up short e-learning modules, and having clear goals can be good measures in increasing employee engagement via online training.

One-on-one Video Calls with the Founder(s)/Leader(s)

One-on-one online meetings can be productive as they dedicate adequate time to address, coach, and improve performance and development. It builds trust and helps to create connections where leaders listen actively to employees. This can enhance professional development in the long run.

Difference between Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

Employee engagement enhances employee experience. Employee experience is the journey that calls for a long-term solution. Employee engagement is the output, the ongoing part of an employee experience that is a short-term fix. Each has a symbiotic relationship where experience leads to good engagement.

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