How to Succeed at Hosting a Virtual Hiring Event

Virtual hiring events ensure that talented candidates work efficiently and from the comfort of their homes
Virtual hiring events ensure that talented candidates work efficiently and from the comfort of their homes

A virtual hiring event is where the recruiting team operates remotely to conduct virtual interviews via group or individual formats. This digital event ensures that employees choose the best out of the many more conveniently. 

It helps candidates land their dream job remotely, sitting at home. Different kinds of these include networking events, casual hiring, conference, job offers, and/ internships.

Virtual hiring events ensure that talented candidates work efficiently and from the comfort of their homes
Virtual hiring events are important to identify and attract potential employees

What are the Basic Types of Virtual Hiring Events

Without any specific physical location, a virtual hiring event allows the recruiter to interview many candidates in a single go. 

Virtual career fairs, hybrid career fairs, webinars, zoom sessions, and virtual professional development events are a few kinds of virtual hiring events raging on the social media platform these days. 

Workshops like making an entertaining CV or preparing for an interview are some of its variants.

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Virtual Career Days

For a virtual career day, interested employees get to do an interactive session regarding job markets and collect information. This is a sustainable alternative where connecting with prospective future employers becomes an omnipresent scenario. 

A whole day dedicated to collaborating with the job worldwide on the screen front is an excellent way to step out into the job market.

Virtual Career Fair

In the comfort of one’s own home, tucked in one’s corner, virtual career fairs are a convenient way to land oneself that prestigious internship or job at a scheduled time. Researching the prospective employers, getting a detailed schedule of host parties, and preparing and reviewing questions can make a virtual career fair a career goal-setter where recruiters and job seekers meet in a virtual space and exchange job postings.


Regular webinar job fairs help to streamline the recruitment process. Getting insights, trends, and the best tips in a webinar can be a time-efficient process where webinars can boost the company’s credibility and increase an applicant pool. 

Webinars act as a tool to define the target market. Live images, slides, and charts are incorporated where details of lucrative packages and company culture are shared. All these entice a client who gets to know the necessary information at one go.

Employees can get insights, tips, and know about the latest trends in companies through webinars
Webinars are essential to define targets and convey necessary company information

List of 7 Ultimate Hacks

Virtual hiring events need to buckle up their sleeves with these hacks to engage an audience now sophisticated with technology.

Technical glitches being the enemy, troubleshooting ahead of time can save hours. The event needs to follow compliance rules and be accessible to all. Even if it’s online, giving a break is mandatory. Plan ahead of time and market the online event. 

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Stick to a schedule. Encourage participation by following up with candidates beforehand. Differentiate the event by making it enticing and attractive among the rest.

Pick the Right Platform

When choosing a platform, customization should be kept in mind. It helps the audience to collaborate and make changes as the event requires. Live and semi-live options can allow the facility to record playback sessions if needed. 

A platform needs to have good branding. Response records and tracking can help elevate and make the record a success story, narrowing down the targets for future use. 

Finally, hosting a virtual event needs a good security backup, ensuring that the platform has robust security integration.

Planning is the Key

Whether event registration, promotion, marketing, or speaker fees, having a solid plan ahead can make the virtual event a hit, both easy on the pocket and among the crowd. 

Breaking down the budget into AV equipment and assistance, a solid podcast marketing strategy, press release, and email marketing is a road to success. 

Choosing the right time, right platform, setting a clear goal, engaging the audience, and promoting the virtual event are some plans that need to be scheduled ahead of time.

Streamline the Sign-up Process

A smooth and painless check-in process can make clients and applicants happy. Online ticketing can help track sales performance. Mapping out different attendees like speakers, listeners and moderators can help during the streamlined process. 

The ‘Request for Proposal’ can help pull accurate reports and follow-ups schedule a consistent event check-in time for easy streamlining.

Market Your Event

Some ways are to create an event hashtag with a banner, a Facebook page dedicated to recruitment drives, regular updates on social media platforms, and run a social media paid campaign. 

Others include hiring a marketing company, choosing LinkedIn, knowing the target audience, and publicizing on a shared calendar to make way for a good market for a virtual hiring event.

Make Your Event Unique

Putting employees in the spotlight, offering referrals, recruiting bright minds, and sharing company culture on social media can entice attendees and candidates. Making a virtual event stand out among the rest depends on how lucrative and attractive it is among the others. Engaging in a flexible recruitment strategy by organizing competitions, being flexible, and adding beneficial perks can be some ways. Creating a talent pipeline and advertising the unique features that can make a great experience for candidates can help a virtual hiring event stand out.

A good recruitment strategy offers flexibility, added perks, and benefits that attract the best candidates and make the virtual hiring event a success
A flexible recruitment strategy helps a virtual hiring event stand out

Run Proper Test

Pre-launching a test before the big day can save you from last-minute tensions and online massacres in the world of technological glitches. Always run a proper test before going for the final, check platform setting, and rehearse a virtual meeting with speakers individually to go over their roles. 

Test screenshare functions, walkthrough functions like Q&A and polls, and test content transitions. Ensure that the attendee experience is user-friendly, and don’t skip the hard part: running a proper test.

Follow Up with the Candidates

Sending personalized emails ensured that attendees got special treatment. The best time to follow up with the candidates is within the first day. After a virtual hiring event is done away with, the benefits of the digital world should be put to good use. Tracking down instant sign-ups and stats can help keep a check on attendees.

A job offer mail and a rejection mail are equally important. A follow-up email with a kind thanks you gesture works wonders after hosting such events.

Stick to the Schedule

Virtual hiring events occur remotely, but that doesn’t mean elongating the duration or changing time a wee bit is welcome. 

Scheduling a stipulated deadline and sticking to it helps bear a professional outlook and gives extra time, and respects the value of others’ time. Scheduling interviews/video chats before the hiring process, running through test trials, being tech-savvy, and following a proper planner can amend glitches on the big day and help an event go perfect as per the time allocated.

Why is it Worth Hosting a Great Virtual Hiring Event

Virtual hiring events are worth the pain and work put behind. This helps the recruitment process run efficiently with a plethora of visitor attendance across all strata and an accessible information exchange platform with powerful employer branding. 

A well-planned hiring event enhances hiring the best candidates while meeting multiple qualified candidates at one go. It also ensures that a brand stands tall with forward-thinking, connecting minds with the upcoming generation of digital natives.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can virtual recruitment be improved?

Know What You’re Looking For. Remote hiring creates a seemingly never-ending talent pool. 
Utilize Social Media. Social media started with the purpose of helping people keep in touch. 
Connect in a Video Interview.
Ask the right questions. 
Always check references.

What makes an employer attractive to potential employees?

Prospective employees want more than just a good work environment. They’re also seeking benefits comparable to or better than what they’re receiving in their current role. This includes health, life, disability insurance, retirement savings plans, and paid time off.

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