Recruitment Software for Startups

Recruitment software helps an organization optimize the hiring process from finding and attracting candidates to screening resumes and onboarding them. Recruiting software encompasses an applicant tracking system that focuses on individual phases of hiring a candidate.

The hiring success of any company depends on attracting top talents. And that requires reaching candidates on various job portals, social media sites, and other platforms. ATS eases this process by automating hiring and reducing manual labor. It helps recruiters manage everything on a single platform, from creating, posting, and executing jobs on multiple platforms.

Recruitment software efficiently screens resume and shortlists top talents.
ATS screens resume with its effective resume parser

Why Startups Need Recruitment Software?

Every rapidly growing company needs recruitment software to automate the process and eliminate the manual handling of data. Maintaining data and attracting the top candidate is a top priority for startups.

Recruitment software helps create experiences that attract a large pool of talent on a single platform. It is effortless to use and makes the recruitment process easy to handle. The biggest advantage is that it helps create a database of candidates that includes all the relevant information by efficiently screening resumes and shortlisting best talents. 

How Should a Startup Evaluate Recruitment Software?

For a startup, it is crucial to assess if a given software will solve their problem or not. A few considerations to keep in mind while evaluating recruitment software includes:

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A recruitment software automates the entire hiring process and cuts down budget efficiently.
Key considerations before getting a recruitment software

Will recruitment software solve the issue and challenges?

Recruitment software should be able to solve all the hiring challenges that a startup is facing now and will meet in the next couple of quarters. To evaluate, one can request a demo and see if they are solving the issues specific to the firm.

Is it easy and effective to use?

Test the interface and see how the recruitment software works for the company. Recruitment software is simple and shouldn’t involve any complexity.

Is it budget-friendly?

For a startup, it isn’t easy to keep aside an exorbitant amount while planning the recruitment budget. So it is necessary to choose a software with straightforward pricing and does not have any hidden costs. Check the plans and see if the software will stay budget-friendly as the company grows.

5 Unique Features of PyjamaHR

PyjamaHR is a recruitment software that manages applicants, advertises job posts to the various job portals, schedules and conducts interviews, and hires the best talents on a single platform. Its unique features include advanced search, customizable events, and powerful filters.

Advanced Search

The advanced search filters of PyjamaHR help in finding jobs, applicants, and events all on a single platform. It allows recruiters to specify additional requirements for a search. This feature helps in narrowing the search by eliminating irrelevant information.

Customizable Events

This unique feature of PyjamaHR creates unique interview events for each job listing. It connects with candidates directly on this applicant tracking system. It is about customizing the actual event experience so that attendees are more engaged and find the event easily.

PyjamaHR's features helps in providing a better candidate experience.
Create unique events and engage with candidates

Comprehensive Dashboard

Another unique feature of PyjamaHR is that it provides a comprehensive dashboard to view all the recent activities such as interviews, jobs, feedback, events. PyjamaHR is a secure, customized, easy-to-understand dashboard that helps visualize and understand candidates’ data.

Visualizing candidates’ data with PyjamaHR

Candidate 360

PyjamaHR has a unique Candidate 360 feature that provides a single platform for the recruiters to handle the entire recruitment process from start to end. It creates a 360-degree picture of the candidates’ data. It also helps recruiters source candidates and vacancies and builds relationships with employees and clients.

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Powerful Filters

PyajamaHR has a wide range of powerful filters within each module of the staffing software that allows filtering, sorting, and selecting candidates quickly. This unique feature helps in streamlining the hiring process.

Smart filters to sort, select and filter candidates quickly.
Smart filters that streamline the hiring process

What Makes PyjamaHR Unique from Other Recruitment Softwares

PyjamaHR is a unique and free applicant tracking system that is available for startups. It is a hassle-free and easy-to-use AI invented for talent acquisition and candidate database management. PyjamaHR offers pre-integrated assessment tools that allow finding top talent effortlessly, making PyjamaHR enable immediate data entry after candidate interaction. It also provides a plethora of recruitment features for end-to-end process management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What databases do recruiters use?

Recruiters often rely upon sites such as Career Builder, Monster, Dice, and Indeed to find candidates who aren’t in their internal applicant tracking system.

Why do we need recruitment software?

Good recruitment software allows you to engage with candidates in a way that suits them. Candidates respond faster and most effectively to text messages, so good recruitment software incorporates this instant form of communication into its platform.

What is the process of recruitment?

The recruitment process is a process of identifying the jobs vacancy, analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidate.

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