Virtual Hiring Best Practices to Upscale your Recruiting Process

Virtual hiring methods have been extremely helpful to hire the right talents during the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing WFH culture
Virtual hiring methods have been extremely helpful to hire the right talents during the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing WFH culture

Hiring the right candidate is the most crucial aspect of an organization. There has been a massive change in the work trend after the pandemic has hit the world. Ever since organizations have been working to maintain their productivity and scalability. 

The shift to work from home has made it difficult for HR to hire the best talent virtually. However, virtual recruiting expands horizons. There is easy access to a talent pool located anywhere around the globe. 

Unlike face-to-face interviews, virtual hiring is done using online interviewing software and skills assessments.

Virtual hiring methods have been extremely helpful to hire the right talents during the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing WFH culture
Hiring process is conducted via online interviewing software to assess candidates

5 Key Strategies for Effective Virtual Hiring

To run a successful virtual recruitment process, staying mindful of the stakes is essential. It costs time, money, resources, and most importantly, the organization’s success. To make a virtual hiring process effective, it is vital to keep these strategies in mind. 

Creating Engaging Job Descriptions

Creating engaging job descriptions attracts suitable candidates. It should include the expectations and responsibilities clearly and precisely. Mention all the other details such as educational qualifications, experience requirements, etc. 

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It keeps the candidates who are applying in the loop. Reflect the values of the company as it keeps employees’ spirits high. Create video postings to effectively show the culture and expectations to get maximum candidates to hire the best talent.

Virtual Interview

A virtual interview is a job interview that uses video technology to contact and discuss the candidate. Unlike traditional hiring, which involves a face-to-face conversation with the candidate, HR uses online software to connect online in virtual interviews. Video conferencing is the most comprehensive, used, and acknowledged mode of virtual hiring practiced worldwide. The pros of using a virtual hiring method are that it saves time and money and can be conducted whenever convenient.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests help know if the candidates possess the right traits to add value to the organization. A personality test helps assess specific characteristics in employees and understand how they exhibit these traits in different situations. 

These include good communication skills, collaborative skills, organizational skills, time management skills, self-discipline, accountability, and punctuality.

Promoting Workplace Values and Culture

Workplace culture and values are an integral part of an organization’s functioning. It isn’t easy to find a candidate that suits a company’s work culture in virtual interaction. It is important to identify the workplace culture and values to evaluate intangible concepts like culture and values and then transform these ideas into evaluation tests, surveys, or interviews. These can then be used to assess the candidates.

It is important to implement intangible workplace values and culture to enhance employee productivity and create evaluation tests to assess them
Healthy work environment and good workplace values enable employees to function efficiently

Reducing Bias

While hiring, the important thing to keep in mind is not to include any biases. Blind resume reading software can be set up to ignore information related to candidates’ names, ages, gender, location, etc. 

Candidates should be screened with skill testing. This will help in evaluating candidates according to the skills they possess. Reducing bias at the interview stage should also be practiced. It is essential to set standardized interview questions and assess them all in one way. Having a panel interview rather than one-to-one also promotes equality and reduces bias.

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4 Advantages of Virtual Hiring

As Covid 19 continues, there has been a shift from an in-person recruiting strategy to a virtual one. Virtual hiring has many advantages over traditional hiring methods. It saves time, cost, expands the talent pool, etc.

Virtual hiring saves time, cost, and broadens the talent pool by attracting and recruiting top talents
Virtual hiring is beneficial in many ways than traditional hiring methods

Saves Cost

The virtual hiring process saves the cost expenditure on face-to-face interviews. It is almost resource-free. Travel costs are reduced, so companies don’t worry about reimbursement. The virtual model of hiring is cost-effective and provide a satisfactory human interaction.

Flexible Schedule

The juggle between the onsite interview scheduling and the calendar availability has ended with virtual interviews. 

It provides the opportunity to interview candidates at home and at any time of day, week, and month. It is no longer imperative to have back-to-back interviews without taking breaks.

Reduced Time-to-Fill

Time-to-fill is an important metric in an organization. Knowing how long it takes to fill a role gives information on the difficulty of the role, how organized the recruiting process is, and how cooperative the interview team is in clearing the schedules for interviews.Often interviewers or interviewees are too busy to squeeze in the scheduled interview dates. With virtual hiring, this becomes flexible and easier. It makes the process faster and yields quicker hiring decisions so that the candidate can be onboarded quickly, reducing the time-to-fill metric.

Expands Candidate Pool

The virtual hiring method expands the candidate pool worldwide as it no longer remains confined to any geographical area. Sometimes, the candidates are reluctant to relocate, and even the company doesn’t want to lose on such talent. Virtual hiring makes it convenient for the employee and the employer to work in the comfort of their homes.

The Importance of Virtual Hiring Amidst Covid-19

Covid 19 has made employers increasingly turn-towards cutting-edge virtual hiring solutions to onboard candidates. Virtual hiring has made the workforce more equipped and resilient to make the best out of the situation. It opens the door for recruiting potential candidates from across the globe. It eliminates location restraints and reduces the cost of hiring, enabling organizations to conduct hiring and management processes at ease from anywhere around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is meant by virtual hiring?

Virtual recruiting refers to the process of hiring that takes place remotely without having to meet the candidates face to face. The recruiters rely on technology to evaluate applicants remotely via video interviews, virtual events, online surveys, and proctored assessments.

What are the strategies for effective virtual recruiting?

Try Engaging Job Ads. You want the best fit for the job post, and you cannot find that by posting sloppy hiring ads. 
Give a Structure to your Hiring Process. 
Virtual Interview. 
Determining a Fit for Culture and Values. 
Take a Personality Test.

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