5 Essential Virtual Hiring Tools for Streamlining the Hiring Process

As many companies are moving to a remote structure, it is impossible to manage recruitment without using virtual hiring tools. A recruitment tool or virtual hiring tools is built to automate, improve, and streamline the hiring process. The assistance that a recruiting team needs to deal with a considerable load of desk work and coordination from interviewers of different teams are all sorted with a few single clicks using a recruiting tool.

An efficient hiring tool has helped streamline the hiring process substantially. These hiring tools help automate the process and choose the right candidate in the least possible time.

Are you struggling to set up a top-notch virtual hiring process? You may find our selection of Top 5 Virtual Hiring Tools useful. Check out our list of Virtual Hiring Tools here:

  • Jobsoid
  • PyjamaHR – The Best Virtual Hiring Tool
  • Freshworks HRMS
  • GoHire
  • Harver
Virtual hiring tools improve the efficiency of the recruitment by streamlining the hiring process and attracting the top talents.
Virtual hiring tools efficiently streamline the hiring process and attract the top talents


Jobsoid is an online applicant tracking system that eases the hiring process in an organization. It simplifies the hiring process by sourcing potential candidates to find the right one. It automatically screens candidate applications and suggests the best-fit candidates for a particular job profile.It has built-in features like sending automated emails and text messaging to ease communication. These auto-replies and engagement emails enhance candidates’ experience. It schedules interviews in a single batch with time slots and video conferencing.

PyjamaHR – The Best Virtual Hiring Tool

PyjamaHR is a complete free and easy-to-use Applicant tracking system that automates the hiring and recruitment process for the hiring team. It is a modern approach to hiring that enhances every stage of hiring with its inbuilt tools and unique features.

Fears, Careers, Robot Peers: PyjamaHR Support Pros Talk AI

Join us for an authentic conversation with members of Help Scout’s own customer service team as they discuss the ways AI is changing their jobs, how they really feel about it, and how they’re taking charge of their own career direction.

It offers solutions to organizations of different sizes, catering to their needs. It gives you real-time screening and assessment results that help hire the top talent for the company. Take a look at the dashboard given down below.

PyjamaHR dashboard

Freshworks HRMS

Freshworks is a Human Resource Management Software that helps to handle recruiting, onboarding, time off, and employee information in one place. 

It provides solutions to multiple, complex business problems to companies of all sizes. It offers easy-to-use software that helps customers drive precise business results.


GoHire is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that provides a single platform solution to a messy and chaotic recruitment strategy. It keeps all candidates and hiring data stored securely in one place, giving total visibility across each hiring drive. 

It enhances the team’s ability to continually improve how hiring is done with a specific job and candidate reporting, ensuring no time is wasted finding, selecting, and hiring the best candidates.


Harver is a purpose-built volume hiring applicant tracking system that enables businesses to hire candidates digitally. 

It provides end-to-end automation, a fast and fun candidate experience, and enterprise-grade business intelligence to help hire better candidates fast, fair, and at scale. The Harver platform offers customized and fully branded hiring experiences.

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Enabling Smart Hiring Strategies using Virtual Hiring Tools

The virtual hiring model has been increasing ever since the outbreak of covid19. However, there are many challenges related to this hiring method. Many companies have started investing in technologies to enable intelligent virtual hiring to address these issues. 

The AI-driven assessment tools are cost-effective, reduce recruitment time, and increase hiring diversity. They also help gauge suitable candidates for a specific job by analyzing their vocabulary, speech patterns, body language, tone, and facial expressions. 

These hiring tools ease out the entire hiring process that is done virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the suggestions to improve the virtual hiring process answer?

Sign up for your chosen one-way video interviewing platform. Create 3-5 interview questions. Invite your selected candidates to complete video responses—review responses with your hiring team.

What are the 5 stages of the recruitment process?

The 5 Steps of the Recruitment Process:
Recruitment Planning: The first step in the recruitment process is planning.
Strategy Development.
Candidate Search
Evaluation and Monitoring.

What is a streamlined recruitment process?

The streamlined recruitment process is when organizations need to make sure that the skillsets of the ideal candidate are clearly defined and align with the organizational goals as well.

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