Finding the right candidate for your organization is easy with an ATS

8 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Help You Attract the Right Talent


If you’re a company trying to grow, you know how hard it can be to find the right talent. Whether you’re looking for technical skills or just someone who fits in with your team, hiring the right applicant is a considerable challenge. Recruiters and HR professionals are always looking for easier ways to do their jobs. One of the most time-consuming tasks is sifting through piles of resumes, and trying to find qualified candidates.

As a business evolves, the need for talent does too. The process of hiring professionals to work for your company is not just about the job description and requirements. It is also about finding the right person with the right skill set, who can fit in with your team and contribute to the overall progress of your organization.

Applicant tracking systems are used by organizations to manage these processes efficiently and effectively. They help recruiters find candidates using various search criteria, such as location or years of experience. They also help with tracking resumes and managing applications from potential candidates.

In the following article, we’ll discuss 8 great ways you can hire qualified applicants for your business with the help of an applicant tracking system.

  1. Improves Communication and Review Process
  2. Optimizes the Prospect Experience
  3. Locate the Right Talent Fast and Efficient
  4. Minimizes the Friction
  5. Job Postings that Target a Large Audience
  6. Coordinate with Candidates at the Same Place
  7. Create Conversion-Focused Career Pages
  8. Reduce the Hassle of the Hiring Process
Finding the right talent isn't as easy as it used to be. The world is full of talented people and an ATS can help you reach the right one for your organization.
Finding a talent isn’t as easy as it used to be. The world is full of talented people and an ATS can help you find the right one for your organization.

Improves Communication and Review Process

With an out-of-date hiring procedure, it might be difficult to find a convenient time for coworkers to organize meetings, evaluate applicants, and review applications. With everyone’s hectic schedules, finding an appropriate time for everyone to participate in the recruiting process is practically difficult.

An ATS like PyjamaHR, on the other hand, allows teams to tune in and interact together. All teams are involved in the recruiting process via an applicant tracking system, where they may post comments, add notes, ask questions, and rate applicants collectively. Because each employee contributes to the communal decision-making process, organizing tasks, scheduling, and evaluating prospects becomes much easier. Furthermore, this drastically reduces the time spent organizing meetings and screening applicants.

Optimizes the Prospect Experience

Candidates are selecting you in the same manner that you are choosing them. As a result, applicant experience is critical if you want to attract and hire top talent. Unquestionably, a negative applicant experience leads to more rejected offers and negative word of mouth. Given that an applicant tracking system automates and improves the recruiting process from start to finish, prospects will have a quick and easy experience that meets their expectations. Especially when it allows prospects to apply to employment swiftly and simply, giving them the impression that your organization is nimble, inventive, and modern.

In fact, companies that do not use an applicant tracking system are likely to pay more than $10,000 per hire in lost productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Locate the Right Talent Fast and Efficient

It goes without saying that going through hundreds of resumes may be exhausting at times. Trying to discover the ideal match is akin to seeking a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, an applicant tracking system takes the guesswork out of hiring and assists you in finding the perfect personnel by removing superfluous stages.

First, it will help you to find the best candidates by automatically matching their skills and experience with the job description.

Second, ATS can help you to understand why a candidate is not a good fit for your company by providing insights into their work history.

Third, ATS can help you to measure your candidates’ performance during an interview by using a video interview tool that records their answers so that you can review them later on.

Minimizes the Friction

It allows a company to manage all its applicants in one place, from initial application to interview and hiring.

Because of its ability to automate many of the tasks involved in recruiting, ATSs have been shown to reduce friction in the hiring process by removing manual steps and allowing recruiters to focus on more important tasks, such as evaluating candidates.

One of the best ways ATS reduces friction in recruitment is by allowing recruiters to save time by automatically screening out applicants who do not meet basic qualifications for a job opening. For example, if you post a listing for an Opening Title and it requires 5 years of experience with Product X and 2 years of experience using Product Y, an ATS will automatically filter out applicants who have less than 3 years experience with Product X or less than 1-year experience using Product Y, saving you time from having to manually screen all applicants yourself.

Job Postings that Target a Large Audience

One of the easiest ways to use an ATS is by posting one-click job postings. These allow applicants to apply for multiple jobs with just one click—a great way for recruiters who are looking for specific skills or experience levels to reach out to potential candidates quickly and easily. You can also use them to post jobs directly on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, which increases your reach and helps you get more people interested in what you’re doing at work!

With an ATS like PyajamHR, your job postings will reach more candidates than ever before—and at a fraction of what it would cost if you were to advertise in traditional ways.

Coordinate with Candidates at the Same Place

Hiring employees is much simpler when everything can be done from one place. Hirers can sort applicants, view all of their candidates in one place, and arrange the hiring process to suit their needs. Recruitment can be more efficient and future staffing decisions can be improved.

ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) allow employers to manage the entire hiring process, from new applications to hiring decisions. In one system, you can view all applicants at a glance, sort candidates, filter applications, and manage them. And you can tailor your process to the needs of your business.

The average conversion rate for job seekers who visit an ATS-populated career page is 20%, compared with just 5% for job seekers who visit an unbranded career page.

Everything about the employment process may be managed in a single location. This will not only preserve your sanity, but it will also help you identify tendencies, or bottlenecks, that can make future recruitment attempts more efficient. And with increased efficiency, you will be able to effortlessly locate, attract, and recruit the ideal individuals.

Create Conversion-Focused Career Pages

A branded career page is crucial for attracting top talent, but it’s not enough to have a good product or service—you also need to promote it effectively. A branded career page can help you do this by presenting yourself as an employer who cares about its employees and understands what they want in a workplace environment.

The best applicant tracking systems allow you to create branded career pages that convert by automatically populating your website with information about your company and its culture, including photos and videos from inside your office. This gives candidates a better idea of what it’s like to work at your company—and whether or not they’d fit in there—which makes them more likely to apply for open positions and less likely to drop out after applying.

The average conversion rate for job seekers who visit an ATS-populated career page is 20%, compared with just 5% for job seekers who visit an unbranded career page.

Reduce the Hassle of the Hiring Process

Applicant tracking systems are one of the most important tools in any company’s hiring arsenal. They streamline the hiring process, make it more efficient, and improve the quality of new employees by helping to filter out unqualified candidates.

In fact, companies that do not use an applicant tracking system are likely to pay more than $10,000 per hire in lost productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review.

The most common way that an applicant tracking system improves the hiring quality is through its ability to filter out unqualified candidates before they even apply for a job. This means that you’re only getting applicants who are interested in your company and its open positions—and you can eliminate those who aren’t qualified or aren’t a good fit for your company culture.

This means that employers will spend less time interviewing unqualified candidates and more time talking with those who really have what it takes to succeed at the job.


In this digital world, implementing applicant tracking systems will be a key factor in the success you experience. If you fail to utilize these apps, you will likely see your recruiting levels decrease if you do so incorrectly. A well-designed applicant tracking system will help your organization attract, interview, and hire top talent. At the same time, it should have features to improve the efficiency and productivity of recruiting team members by saving time and effort. It will also be easier to track and monitor employee progress reports, diversity goals, attendance, training, and company policies.

The overall conclusion of this report is that the future is certainly bright for these applicant tracking systems as we move forward. Employers have more ways to reach and engage with potential candidates than ever before, and they are seeking new and improved ways to take control of their hiring process. ATS meets this demand, helps attract the right talent, and will continue to be popular in the years ahead.

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