Benefits of Using Candidate Screening Software

Technological enhancements over the years have evaded manual labor making the work more flawless. A candidate screening software facilitates the hiring and recruitment process. Earlier the manual tasks of maintaining candidate data in long sheets had been time-consuming and tedious. 

With resume screening software, the efficiency of talent acquisition increases. You can easily organize the resumes for an open job position, which helps the team schedule the interview with the candidates they want. This process is unbiased as the resumes are pre-screened according to the job description and are selected based on the keywords search results. 

Generally, a resume screening tool is a part of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS not only streamlines and automates the hiring process by maintaining 100s of applications daily and helps screen resumes simplifying the process further.

ATS like PyjamaHR helps you save time from going through many paper or digital resumes. Maintaining a centralized candidate data system, online job posting, interview scheduling, and candidate onboarding are some of the other added benefits of the ATS that will leave you spellbound!

Candidate Screening Software
Candidate screening software facilitates the hiring process

Benefits of Using Candidate Screening Software

ATS has reshaped the recruitment process ever since it entered the world of the recruitment industry. Recruiters who use Candidate screening software are definitely at an advantage over recruiters who do the task manually. Some advantages of using candidate screening software include finding qualified candidates, reducing bias, speeding up the recruitment process, etc.

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Finds Qualified Talents

Often, recruiters find resumes that may not be relevant for the position or find the wrong candidates because of the keyword search on different job boards. For example, if a recruiter is looking for a Python developer, they find a Java developer because both mention pl-SQL in their resume. 

The entire process might be very time-consuming until you find the right candidate. You might also get tired of finding the right talent and making compromises in another case. 

The candidate screening tool in PyjamaHR eliminates this problem in the resume screening process. The candidates’ resumes are directly stored in the centralized system once they apply for the job. These resumes are then pre-screened to find the top matches according to your job description for the open position. Therefore, your chances of interviewing the top candidates increase significantly.

Reduces Bias

Recruiters unknowingly become a victim of unconscious bias. The recruiter or the hiring manager often decides on a candidate’s resume because of demographic factors, ethnicity, age, location, religion, caste, class, gender, etc. These factors form the basis of unconscious bias. 

The use of screening tools in ATS put an end to such biases. When candidate resumes are screened through the ATS, the hiring manager or other team members cannot tamper with them. ATS completely ignores these factors making the process 100% bias-free. 

Remember, diversity is an essential factor in a company’s success. Thus, it is crucial to address such unconscious bias as it may cause hindrance to the diverse culture of the company.

Enables Data-driven Hiring

Data-driven hiring in the recruitment process encompasses gathering, measuring, collating, and analyzing candidates’ data to efficiently hire candidates best suited for the company. The data-driven recruitment strategy’s recruiters use tangible facts and statistics for their hiring decisions.

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The candidate sourcing tool of PyjamaHR manages the application process digitally. It automates filtering the right talent via their skills and attributes such as work experience, expertise, etc. Using data to deploy data-driven recruitment can effectively sort bundles of applications and easily streamline the process. 

Data-driven recruitment helps make more informed decisions, reduces biases, improves ROIs, helps in better time management employee retention, and helps understand the future talent pipeline.

Speeds up the Recruitment Process

Every job opening receives many applications every time a job is posted. When a recruiter spends even two minutes screening a single resume, it will consume the entire day. However, with resume screening tools, the ATS can do this process in less than a minute! Yes, you heard right!

Using PyjamaHR for resume screening helps rank the candidates according to your hiring pattern. You can screen resumes like a domain expert with the candidate sourcing tool. The resumes get screened contextually, and candidates are shortlisted right away.

You do not have to go through piles of resumes and can easily end up finding your best match. When recruiters save time here, they can spend their time interacting and scheduling an interview with the most suitable candidates and increase the chance of hiring the right talent faster.

Accelerate your hiring using candidate screening software.
Speed up your recruitment using candidate screening software

Top 5 Candidate Screening Software for Organizations

Companies have fierce competition to keep their names on the top in a fast-changing world. This is only possible when they recruit top talents to the team. As a result, the recruiter’s job is growing and challenging daily. The traditional recruitment process of sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, and shortlisting candidates can take months. However, you can reduce this burden on HR by simply introducing a technical platform for screening candidates.

Automating the recruitment process will surely save a lot of time for the HRs, which they can spend on other valuable things that might require their attention. The candidate screening platform also terminates the chance of bias and makes the process just. Thus, these screening platforms are the right choice to speed up the hiring process without compromising on hiring the best talent.

The top 5 candidate screening software for companies are discussed here.


PyjamaHR is a free AI-based Applicant Tracking System that simplifies and sorts the screening of candidate resumes with its candidate resume screening tool. 

User-friendly software gives you a lifetime hiring and recruitment experience by saving the recruiter time and effort. This next-generation HR technology streamlines and automates your hiring process and gives you multiple features to assist you throughout the recruitment process. 

The highly advanced features like maintaining consolidated applicant data in a centralized database system, advance search, customizable events like interview scheduling, dashboard, and powerful filters, are sorted in a way to meet your organizational needs. Sign up and explore more now!


TestGorilla is a candidate sourcing platform that saves recruiters time from screening resumes and pre-qualifying interviews. This software’s screening process automation automatically grades and ranks the candidates.

Every candidate is given an equal and unbiased opportunity to showcase their talent, which helps ensure that you hire the best from among them. TestGorilla’s professional and well-designed tests serve as brand marketing as engaged and motivated applicants tend to have a positive candidate experience.


FreshTeam is an affordable candidate screening software that automates the repetitive work of compiling resumes and then manually screening them. It also allows you to organize your data well by securely storing data and files. Recruiters can get onboard faster by cutting down on onboarding queries.

Apart from sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates, FreshTeam also offers time-off management features for the existing employees. It allows to onboard candidates right after they are hired for the position by getting forms filled, documents signed, giving out company manuals, etc.


Keka automates the people processes with its candidate screening tool by creating an engaged and diverse culture – the basis for building a successful company. Keka reduces your time on mundane tasks like candidate resume screening and allows your team to evolve and scale by working more effectively.

Apart from helping in the hiring and onboarding process, Keka is an employee experience software with features like payroll management, attendance management, leave management, timesheet software, etc. Even a non-finance worker can efficiently operate.


This HR software collects and organizes all the candidate resumes in one place. If your candidate sourcing process is slow, you will lose the right candidate. However, with BambooHR, you can improve every stage of your hiring, from screening the applicant’s resume and shortlisting them to making them a final offer letter. Communication improves, and candidates are hired faster.

Some of the other essential features of BambooHR that help in the recruitment and hiring process are a centralized employee database, automated time-off, employee self-service, HR reporting, and applicant management.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best way to screen candidates?

Recruiters who use Candidate screening software are definitely at an advantage over recruiters who do the task manually. Some benefits of using candidate screening software include finding qualified candidates, reducing bias, speeding up the recruitment process, etc.

What are the standard screening techniques?

Skills Testing 
Video Interviews
Asynchronous Video Interviews
Resume Screening
Applicant Tracking Systems
Reference Checking
Online Research, etc

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