Steps to Post a Job on Naukri

A detailed and well-made job posting on Naukri will reach a wider audience and attract better-qualified job seekers.

Step 1: Set up an Employer Account

The first step to becoming a Naukri Recruiter is to create an account on the job portal. To do so, you need to register on the site by entering details like company name, email id, name and number of the contact person, address, and type of industry. You will receive a verification email after you have entered the necessary information. You need to click on this link to activate your Naukri Recruiter account.

Step 2: Fill in the Questionnaire with Necessary Details for the Job Role

To create a free job posting on Naukri for your company, you need to provide relevant information about the role. Include information like location, essential skills, minimum educational qualifications, previous work experience, industry type, function area, expected salary bracket, and application for the job. It helps you in getting the right candidate who fulfills these requirements. You can also refer to articles on topics like ‘how to describe job profile in Naukri for more clarity on this issue.

Step 3: Adjust the Application as per your Requirements/Priority

Every role has specific demands that should reflect in the application as well. For example, the job profile in Naukri for experienced candidates would be different from that of freshers. Similarly, a role that requires Ph.D. holders will not be the same as one that needs graduates. The skills required for a job as a Warehouse Supervisor will be in complete contrast with an IT analyst. Any Naukri Recruiter needs to consider this point while posting jobs on this platform.

Step 4: Hit the ‘Post Job’ Button!

The User Interface used by Naukri Recruiter’s platform has helped to streamline the job posting process further. After you fill in the details like candidate profile, roles and responsibilities, key skills, educational qualifications, work experience required, location, salary, and other benefits, and further details, you can go ahead and post the job without any further delay. This process has made a job posting on Naukri much easier than before.

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Post Quick Jobs

It is important to regularly post jobs for which one is currently hiring. Jobs posted on the profile are automatically sent as emails to all the job seekers who follow the company’s profile. It also improves the company’s branding as the profile gets a higher rank in recruiter search due to regular posting of jobs and frequent updates of the profile.

Attract Job-seekers to your Profile

A good, updated and well-defined profile can attract a large number of job seekers to apply for the posted job openings. It builds a highly valuable private database of the potential candidates who are following the job profile for updates. This database is exclusive to the company and stays even when there is a change in the jobs. So, invite job seekers or potential candidates who have been interviewed or placed in the past to follow the profile as this will create a strong database.

Upload a Recent Personal Photograph

As psychologically stated, the profile gains more views if one uploads his/her photo. Uploading a profile photo on the account increases the follower network manifolds. It not only increases the visibility and credibility of the hiring profile but also attracts the job seekers who consider the validity of the company.

Pro Tips for Writing an Effective Job Profile

It is essential to understand the tricks on how to post a job on Naukri. A good profile will help recruiters attract the right sort of applicants. It should be unique enough to stand out against your competitors and sufficiently detailed for candidates to understand the position better. Recruiters must also realize that profiles must be tailormade to serve a specific purpose. For example, a job profile in Naukri for experienced candidates is different from that of freshers.

Keep it Short and Crisp

It is crucial to keep the job profile in Naukri informative yet concise. If it is too wordy, then applicants may find it confusing and not apply for the position. Your job summary should only contain relevant information about the role and the organization you are applying to.

Use Relevant Keywords

Most job seekers search for jobs by specific keywords like their skills or qualifications. The best recruiters highlight vital skills that they are looking for while writing a job profile. There are several Naukri key skills examples that recruiters can use to help elicit better responses.

Outline the Core Responsibilities- Detailed, Yet Concise

Any decent job summary adequately highlights the duties and responsibilities of the role; this is important because it lets candidates know what is to be expected from them if they join the company. It also helps the right kind of job seekers to apply for the role.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the cost of a Naukri recruiter ID?

Naukri Resdex Cost for Different Packages
Along with these packages, the employers can get a free hot job vacancy posting which generally costs 1650 Rs for one posting

What is the process of working with a recruiter?

A recruiter’s job includes reviewing a candidate’s job experiences, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable employment positions.

What is Boolean in Naukri?

Boolean search is a structured search process that allows the user to insert words or phrases such as AND, OR, NOT to limit, broaden and define the search results. By using Boolean search, employers can narrow down the pool of candidates they are presented with by specifically looking for what is required in that role.

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