Best HR Tools & Softwares for Different HR Functions

HR tools effectively perform different techniques of hiring and streamline the recruitment process.
HR tools effectively perform different techniques of hiring and streamline the recruitment process.

With changing times, the role of HR has shifted to a frontline strategic function. There is a plethora of HR tools and software available in the market that will save both time and energy for the hiring managers. 

HR tools assist in the hiring and recruitment process and automate and streamline core HR and payroll processes across the entire workforce. These HR tools help streamline the whole recruitment process, from posting a job ad to assessing candidates. The manual process of maintaining data often becomes exhausting and time-consuming. 

Many tools and software are available to assist in the same. These are:

  • Bonusely
  • Bambee
  • PyjamaHR
  • Jobvite
  • BambooHR
  • Impulse
  • Quizbreaker etc
HR tools effectively perform different techniques of hiring and streamline the recruitment process.
HR tools ease out the hiring process.

HR Tools for Hiring and Recruitment

To ease out the process for the HR managers, there are various tools available to perform the hiring and recruitment process. Some of the tools available are Jobvite, PyjamaHR, BambooHR, BetterTeam, etc.

Job Portals

There are multiple job portals available in the market today, and to ensure that the job search has reached the maximum number of people, post the job ads at all these job and career sites. Using software and other HR tools can help post job ads everywhere. Softwares and HR tools such as BetterTeam help create the job description, making the work more manageable.

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Sourcing Tools

Sourcing tools are crucial to see if a candidate fits into the position or not. To choose whom to hire, assess the candidates on two essential things:

  • Skills: Resumes give a clear idea of the experience but do not show if the candidate possesses the necessary skills for a particular job role. 
  • Personality: It is essential to know if the candidate is the right fit for the company’s culture or not.

In such a situation, software like BambooHR and GreenTeam help create skill and personality-based tests to help the hiring manager make the right decision about their hiring.

HR tools assess and shortlist the best candidates for organizations.
Candidate sourcing made easy with HR tools.

Employee Onboarding

A good employee onboarding program reduces employee turnover by 50%. Onboarding is a well-defined and well-organized process. These include completing the documentation, completing the paperwork, scheduling the employee’s start date, fixing the training period, etc.

Tallyfy is software that can be used to ease the process. It ensures that all the tasks are completed on time and smooths the onboarding process.

Applicant Tracking Systems

After the job advertisement is posted, the resumes start pouring in. They are less or more in number depending upon the type of job. Keeping track of these resumes manually is often tiring and time-consuming. Applicant tracking systems such as PyjamaHR and Jobvite help filter through all the resumes. One can also specify the requirements, and these ATS will filter the resumes easily. Eliminating the irrelevant resumes will help focus on the candidates that might fit the job role perfectly.

ATSs filter through resumes and automatically select the right candidates.
ATS enables hassle-free resume screening for employers.

HR Tools for Talent Management

Talent management is one of the essential tools for the hiring manager. A strategic talent management program can significantly aid a company in achieving its business objectives. 

Some talent management tools are Zoho recruiter, PyjamaHR, BreezyHR, iCIMS talent acquisition, etc. These tools perform various functions to ease the talent management process.

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Training & Development Tools

Training and development tools are essential for enhancing the candidates’ skills to become more closely aligned with the company’s targets and goals. The tools help grow the employees’ talent, which is beneficial for both their personal and professional growth. They also tend to boost the morale of the employees. ATS like Zoho recruiter and PyjamaHR offer technology-based training and development programs.

Team Management Tools

Manual handling of the team’s works, projects, and tasks is complex. However, all the work can be managed on a single platform with team management tools. Many team management software enables one to organize teams to collaborate, plan, analyze, and manage everyday tasks. 

Tools such as slack, asana, and nTask streamline the project planning, resource management, task dependencies, financial summary, and manage the project deliverables.

Team management tools effectively handle teamwork, projects, and everyday tasks with complete automation.
Team management tools automate the team management process.

Time & Attendance Tracking Tools

It is important to keep track of the employee’s time entries and leave applications to calculate payroll accordingly. However, this task can be easily handled by using the tracking tool. Attendance management tools record attendance automatically when employees turn on the system. Attendance management software helps streamline the process by offering additional features like timekeeping, payroll management, etc. Some popular ones are TimeDoctor, Bitrix24, etc.

Payroll & Benefits Management Tools

Tracking software reduces the manual effort of maintaining employee records. They help calculate payroll based on how long employees work and the hourly/fixed rate. 

Softwares like TimeDoctor support payroll customization where HR can set pay rates for different dates and change currencies depending on the country.

Performance Management Tools

Performance management is an essential tool that empowers employees to realize their full potential. This helps the management and HR to get the most out of the workforce. They aim to improve employee performance so that they perform their role to the best of their ability. It aligns individual goals with group and organizational goals. HR One is a software that provides real-time actionable insight to drive performance.

HR Tools for Other Functions

HRs are not confined to particular tasks. They often have multiple job roles to perform. HRs have various functions like learning and development, checking employee performance, administrative responsibilities, etc. These functions cannot be performed manually. There are different HR tools available to fulfill all these functions. Various ATS like BambooHR, PyjamaHR, Talent garden, etc., ease out the task for the HRs.

Compliance Management Tools

Compliance management tools are used to continually track, monitor, and audit business processes to ensure they are aligned with applicable legal, industry, and security requirements, organizational policies, plus consumer standards.

A compliance management tool should have a high-risk management function. It should identify and classify specific risk levels associated with a job role. Some of the software for compliance management are Zillow, skillcast, done safe, etc.

HR Analytics Tools

HR analytics provide data on employees’ productivity and activities. HR analytics tools help collect talent data to improve critical talent business outcomes and promote a positive employee experience. They can enhance workforce outcomes by reducing attrition, boosting employee satisfaction, and helping to plan new hires. A comprehensive analytics tool helps with multiple HR processes, such as recruitment, training, talent management, turnover, and performance management. Some of the top HR analytics tools available are sage, intelliHR, TrenData, etc.

HR analytics keep track of employee productivity and boosts performance.
HR analytics efficiently enhance workforce functionality.

Establishing 2022 as the Year for Rapid HR Modernization

With rapid change and the advancement of technology, manual dependency has been considerably reduced. Organizations and companies are now looking forward to breaking the traditional reliance on manual maintenance of data, switching to software-based data retention.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the future of human resource management?

By 2025, we can expect HR professionals to take on the role of championship coaches, guiding businesses through expected disruptions and becoming an essential part of HR strategy and planning.

How is HR evolving?

The role of HR is more complex than ever. New and emerging technology has shifted the focus from personnel management and administrative tasks, today’s HR departments—at least the forward-thinking ones—spend their energies managing employee engagement and strengthening culture.

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