Are you having a hard time with mass recruitment drives? Try these tips.

Hiring hundreds of people in a short time is a challenge. Some of the major challenges include – sourcing candidates and inefficiency of communication and coordination. If not addressed, these challenges can slow down your mass recruitment drive.

In this blog, we will share quick tips to boost your mass recruitment efforts.

1. Create a mass recruitment plan

You need a foolproof plan to execute your mass recruitment needs. It must cover the following:

  • Defining ideal candidate persona
  • Assessing hiring needs
  • Understanding the job market
  • Creating a hiring timeline
  • Preparing the budget 

Also, make plans on strategies to source a large pool of candidates. Figure out the best ways to collect and store a high volume of candidates’ data and best practices for screening, assessing and conducting interviews.

2. Look through your candidate database 

In addition to the usual process of sourcing candidates through job boards and campus recruitment drives, consider visiting your talent pool. Applications you have rejected during the past job vacancies may be suitable for current openings. For a consolidated database of candidates, use an applicant tracking system. Consider using the Talent pool option of PyjamaHR ATS that relieves you of manual filing up candidates’ details in a spreadsheet.

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3. Expand candidate sourcing channels

Adopt an aggressive candidate sourcing strategy to have enough applicants. Add more people to the recruitment team that focuses on candidate sourcing.

  • Reach out to recruitment agencies to source relevant candidates
  • Diversify platforms to post job ads.
  • Use social media campaigns to reach out to a large number of candidates.

4. Outsource recruitment

Consider reaching out to recruitment agencies. Partner with recruiters who are experts in efficiently conducting mass recruitment drives. The right agency will help you with planning, sourcing and in identifying efficient ways to tackle high volume of applications. You will hire suitable candidates faster.

5. Track high volume of applicants efficiently

Going through a stack of paper resumes has been a nightmare. Later, collecting soft copies of resumes and storing them in organised folders made it way easier to track and process applications. 

However, digital documents and spreadsheets are still difficult to manage. Recruiters use applicant tracking systems to create unique applicant profiles and track their progress during the recruitment process.  

Using ATS to track high volume of resumes

Consider using the PyjamaHR applicant tracking system to maintain candidate profiles and move them to subsequent levels as they progress through the recruitment process or add rejected candidates to your talent pool.

6. Develop a fast and effective screening process

Manually screening a high volume of applications is time-consuming and a tedious task. Streamline the process using recruitment software. A modern ATS like PyjamaHR with advanced search and strong filters makes screening fast and effective.

7. Conduct effective interviews

The usual one-to-one interview with a large number of candidates is a long, time-consuming process. So, if you have an effective screening and assessment process in place, consider skipping the interview stage to still hire qualified people and save time.

There are several alternatives if you want a quick but effective interview process:

  1. A temporary addition to the interview panel
  2. Group interviews
  3. One-way video interviews

8. Automate communication with candidates

Inform candidates at every step of the hiring process. Update them on their application status and about delays. The timely update ensures you don’t receive too many queries from candidates to answer.

Automate the communication: 

  • Use a chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions. 
  • Use email sequencing to send regular updates.
  • Use bulk messaging to send to multiple candidates.

Carefully planning and optimising the recruitment process can help you source, screen and assess bulk candidates to ensure you hire high-quality candidates. Review every part of the hiring process. Use PyjamaHR recruitment software to address the challenges of manual processes. It streamlines the recruitment process for bulk hiring.

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