Virtual interview is an efficient process that saves time and money and expands the talent pool

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Interviews


Let us start by getting the basics out of the way; virtual interview meaning- a virtual interview is a process of recruiting a candidate for a job role using technology as a communication medium. With the rise of remote work, virtual interviews have become an increasingly popular way to connect with job candidates and assess their fit for a position. But with so many different types of virtual interviews available, it can be tough to know where to start. It is a convenient method of interviewing and is cost-effective, time-saving, and a medium to expand the potential talent pool. It is a more efficient way that helps with interview scheduling.

Virtual interview is an efficient process that saves time and money and expands the talent pool
Virtual interview is a convenient and cost-effective method of interviewing candidates

Virtual Interview Meaning and Importance

The virtual interview is an automated process of conducting an interview online. HR uses virtual interviews as a standard way of assessing the candidate’s potential initially. It also allows people to participate in an interview that they may have missed earlier for not reaching the interview venue on time. It also helps discover better talents by using a more efficient recruitment process. The organizations can also evaluate their candidates online by using virtual interview techniques.

5 Essential Methods for an Effective Virtual Interview Process

The video interviewing method mostly follows the style of the traditional interview method. However, some things should be kept in mind as the hiring manager and the candidate connect for the first time in an online mode. The key areas to pay attention to are giving candidates enough time to prepare for the interview, giving them relevant questions, creating a standardized rating system, keeping the candidates informed via email or phone, etc.

Giving candidates enough time to prepare for the interview makes them more confident and comfortable during the process
It is essential to give candidates adequate time to prepare before an interview

Giving Candidates Adequate Time to Prepare

Candidates should be given enough time to prepare for the interview. It is not recommended to schedule the meeting on the same day as the first call. 

Giving them time helps them prepare for the interview and eventually crack it. In short, it makes the candidate comfortable. It reflects professionalism, the company’s culture, and thoughtfulness for the potential candidates.

Preparing a Relevant Questionnaire

Preparing the interview questions in advance is essential to make virtual interviewing hassle-free. Questions should be relevant and related to the job role. 

A possible method could be making a list of common job-related questions for all the candidates as part of the standardized rating system. It would help if you also prepared questions related to the candidates’ experience and qualifications.

Testing Equipment Prior to the Interview

Virtual interviews need a laptop with a stable wifi connection, a working mic and camera, and pre-installed software programs like Zoom or Google Meet. It is essential for the employer and the candidate to ensure that the technology works efficiently. 

We advise the candidate and the interviewer to join the meeting platform 5-10 minutes before an interview to avoid last-minute chaos.

Observing Body Language of Candidates

The virtual model of interviewing gives very little flexibility in observing the candidates’ body language. Observing the candidates way of communicating, facial expressions, and eye contact is a way to understand their body language. You should also check the professional body language of the candidates, like sitting up straight in front of the camera, possessing a smile on their face, etc. This helps in assessing the candidate’s body language.

Following Up with the Candidates

After the interview is over, keeping the candidates in the loop is essential. Sending a thank you email for making time for the interview within 24 hours is a good gesture and builds an employee-employer relationship. 

Also, it is essential to inform the candidates regarding the selection made and tell them about the future positions.

Preparation for Virtual Interviews

The virtual interview process is commonly practiced in today’s world. The pandemic’s stay-at-home orders have confined all to their homes. This has forced companies to make adjustments in their hiring process. 

Remote interviews can make good impressions as long as simple guidelines are followed- preparing for the interview, asking questions beforehand, and checking the technology. These things will make the entire virtual interviewing process easy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Virtual Interview Meaning

A virtual interview is a type of job interview that is conducted remotely using technology such as video conferencing, phone calls, or chat platforms. It allows employers and candidates to communicate with each other from different locations without the need for physical presence.

What are the types of virtual interviews?

Video Interviews: A video interview is a type of virtual interview where the candidate and interviewer communicate through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. This type of interview can be conducted live or recorded, and allows for face-to-face communication from different locations.
Phone Interviews: A phone interview is a type of virtual interview where the candidate and interviewer communicate through a phone call. This type of interview is usually used as a screening process before inviting the candidate for a face-to-face interview.
Pre-Recorded Interviews: In a pre-recorded interview, the candidate records their responses to a set of questions provided by the employer. This type of virtual interview allows candidates to record their responses at their own convenience and can be reviewed by the employer at a later time.
Panel Interviews: A panel interview is a type of virtual interview where multiple interviewers are present and interview the candidate simultaneously. This type of interview is typically conducted through video conferencing platforms.
Group Interviews: A group interview is a type of virtual interview where multiple candidates are present and are interviewed simultaneously. This type of interview is usually used to assess a candidate’s ability to work in a team and can be conducted through video conferencing platforms.

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