What is Interview Scheduling

Fast paced interview scheduling using interview scheduling software.
Fast paced interview scheduling using interview scheduling software.

Interview scheduling allows the recruiters to schedule interviews in a hassle-free way. Automated interview scheduling allows recruiters to view the interviewers’ calendars and saves time by avoiding back and forth emails with the interview panel.

You can easily track the upcoming scheduled interviews by making the process more streamlined. Interview scheduling software automates and syncs the entire interview scheduling process making way for better candidate satisfaction. In short, it considerably reduces manual labor as you no longer have to maintain long sheets.

Fast paced interview scheduling using interview scheduling software.
Speed up the interview process with interview scheduling software

Features of Interview Scheduling Software

Interview scheduling software eliminates delays and accelerates the hiring and recruitment process. Interview scheduling tools are a boon for a growing business, as it allows you to keep your candidates in the loop. 

The essential features of interview scheduling software are automated scheduling, appointment reminders, calendar management, seamless integration, and timezone management.

Automated Scheduling

With interview scheduling software, you no longer have to send back and forth emails to the interview panel. The interview scheduling software automates the process and saves quite a lot of time for the recruiters.

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Another advantage of automated scheduling is that candidates are happy with the immediate responses. It is a significant factor in maintaining a pool of candidates.

Appointment Reminders

Reminders are sent automatically to the interview panel right before the date and time of the interview. These reminders are communicated via emails or other apps.

Appointment reminder is a crucial feature of the interview scheduling software as it ensures that neither the candidate nor the interviewer misses the interview.

Calendar Management

The user of an interview scheduling software can use calendar management to create and update interview times on their calendar. It automatically syncs across all the calendars and notifies all the associated parties.

The calendar management feature allows syncing with calendar apps like Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Time Zone Management

The timezone management system allows recruiters to sync their calendars to the respective time zones. This feature helps to schedule interviews and convert the time zones to one of the participants, ensuring that timezone does not act as barriers in attending the interview.
Recruiters do not need manual checking any longer.

Interview Scheduling Software efficiently syncs everyone’s calendar and schedules interviews as per respective time zones
Interview scheduling software allows timezone management

Seamless Integration

Interview scheduling software can seamlessly integrate with other applications to make the process more organized and streamlined. They can be easily synced with calendar management applications to book the interview date and time for the interview panel. Recruiters can also get an overview of the number of interviews scheduled on a particular day. 

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Interview scheduling software can also be integrated with virtual platforms like GoogleMeet, Zoom Meet, etc. This helps the candidates and the interviewers to keep track of the date, time, and venue for the interview

10 Best Interview Scheduling Software

Interview scheduling software is a must in every company. It automates the process and saves a lot of time for both the employers and the employees. There are several interview scheduling softwares available in the market. 

These are PyjamaHR, Paradox, Picktime, Prelude, Odoo, Widcruiter, Calendly, User.com, Setmore, etc.

Interview Scheduling Software automates the scheduling process and saves time of both employers and candidates
Interview scheduling software saves time.


PyjamaHR is a free and automated cloud-based applicant tracking software that streamlines the entire hiring and recruiting process. It is one of the best software available that helps manage the entire recruiting and hiring process.

PyjamaHR helps easily schedule interviews and appointments and ensures that the time-slots are unique to every candidate, thus preventing chaos. You can send automated emails to the candidate with unique detail of the interview. It is good for startups as well as established companies.


A recruiter spends hours on scheduling interviews, syncing calendars, setting reminders, and at times rescheduling interviews. Paradox is one such software that handles multiple calendars, rooms, locations, and interviews. Paradox sends new dates and reminders for the interview time in situations that may require an interview rescheduling.


Picktime is a free interview scheduling software that schedules interviews and manages your staff.
While interviewing candidates, interviewers can mark the days when they are available and give the Picktime business page link to the candidates.

Candidates can only book an interview in the defined time frame. The moment a particular candidate books a slot, it is unavailable to the other candidates. The calendar fills up automatically without any work from the recruiters’ end.


XOR automates interview scheduling to help you focus more on hiring top talents faster. With XOR, candidates can schedule their interviews with recruiters from any device. It has an HR chatbot with a wide range of features that helps to reach out to candidates using their preferred channels of communication, automates tasks, manages conversations directly, etc. 

You can use XOR easily if you follow these steps. You can link your calendar, and they can recommend the available time slots to the candidates. Then you can select the meeting type and choose the interview length, time, date range, etc. 

After this, you can send the candidates the link to book interviews on your calendar, and finally, you and the candidate will receive a calendar invitation with meeting details. XOR has not released its prices yet.


Prelude simplifies the interview scheduling process. In-house recruiting teams often spend too much time scheduling interviews, conference room management, and emailing the team regarding the interviews. Prelude solves this problem. 

When a candidate reaches the point of a panel interview, the system knows who is on the panel based on the particular hiring workflow. It can read each candidate’s time zone and individual preferences and propose appointments based on them. Once a time is chosen, the invitation link is sent automatically to the interview panel and right to their Google calendar.


Odoo is an integrated, customizable, open-source software to meet organizational needs. It is one software solution designed specially to meet the needs of the companies, irrespective of the size and budget.

Odoo reduces the redundant and manual process of handling scheduling an appointment by automating the entire process. The pricing starts at $12 a month.


Vidcruiter interview scheduling is a tool that automates the interview scheduling process. It allows candidates to select an interview time you had already defined in your calendar.

Vidcruiter then sends notifications to everyone involved of the date and time selection. This eliminates the need to make multiple calls or send emails to determine what date and time suit everyone.


Calendly is an appointment scheduling software used to schedule meetings without sending back and forth emails. It allows the company to tell their availability preferences, and it does the rest of the work.

Organizations can send their Calendly links via emails or embed them on their website. It can be easily added to the calendar and works easily with Google, Outlook, Office 365, etc. It costs $8 per user per month.


User.com is a marketing automation software used for messaging and maintaining relationships with customers. It is a single platform with easy-to-use tools to automate the communication process across the customers.

You can do it through emails, live chat, web and mobile push, call centers, etc. It can customize and show the essential metrics as you determine. It costs $249 a month.


Booknetic is the interview scheduling software you need to make your interview process run smoothly. Booknetic ‘s interview scheduling software is a great way to streamline your interview process.

With Zoom integration, you can easily connect with interviewees and get to know them before the interview. Google Calendar integration makes it easy to keep track of your interview schedule, and PayPal and Stripe’s integrations make it easy to manage payments. The plugin also gives you instant notifications or reminders so you don’t miss any interviews. You can get Booknetic for a one-time payment of $79 to have the basic features.


Setmore automates the interview scheduling software that allows candidates to pick their interview times and share their availability online, simplifying scheduling. It cuts down back and forth interview scheduling and automates email confirmations and reminders for every booking. With Setmore, schedule interviews and sync appointment details with Google and Office365 calendars.

The calendar updates each time an interview is booked, rescheduled, or canceled, the calendar updates. Setmore is free for up to 4 users, and the premium package costs $9 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you schedule an interview?

Interview scheduling allows the recruiters to schedule interviews without any booking conflicts. Automated interview scheduling allows recruiters to view the interviewers’ calendars and saves time by avoiding back and forth emails with the interview panel.

What does scheduling an interview mean?

Scheduling interviews help recruiters to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments using a web interface. It allows the selection of the top talent.

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