Meaning of Attendance Management

An attendance management system keeps track of the employee’s working hours on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Organizations must record the absentees, overtime, shift times, etc., to calculate the salary and measure productivity. Integrating an effective attendance management system reduces manual effort and the errors related to record-keeping.

Traditional Attendance Tracking Methods and Tools 

Traditional attendance tracking system requires manual record maintenance of the employee attendance, such as their working hours, leaves, overtime, etc. It requires a lot of constant human supervision and is highly susceptible to inaccuracy. Traditional tracking methods such as manual recording of attendance, maintenance of excel sheets, attendance devices, etc., increase the risk of errors. 

Manual Recording

This is the most commonly used method of maintaining the attendance record of employees. The oldest traditional method required employees to enter their entry and exit office timings in a rolling register.

Excel Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheet is another method of record keeping. When assigned a task, an employee enters the start and end times of the task. This gives the employer details of the task accomplished by the employee, which is used to determine time management. However, it sometimes gets difficult to maintain the excel sheet because it is a time-consuming method.

Biometric Attendance Devices 

Biometric attendance devices are used for the verification and identification of an employee in an organization. There are two types of biometrics in a working place. First, Physiological biometrics uses fingerprint, iris, hand, face, etc., kind of recognition. The second is Behavioural biometrics includes the behaviour of a person. It provides recognition through the voice, signature, etc., of an employee. 

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Attendance Management Software

An attendance management software is designed to record the employees’ attendance, manage their leaves, generate multiple reports, calculate their payroll, etc. This particular tool enhances productivity by keeping track of employee working hours and job attendance. The HR team mainly uses it to monitor the attendance of the employees.

Best Attendance Tracking Methods Using Softwares

Manual handling of employees attendance is a tedious task. It is essential to use the right attendance tracking software to maintain employees’ time entries. Some of the attendance tracking softwares are Bitrix24, BambooHR, Zoho People, etc.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a paid attendance management software used by small and large businesses to track attendance and increase productivity by managing an employee’s performance. It tracks the time for on-field, remote, and on-site team members. For advanced productivity monitoring, employers can take screenshots of the employee screen. It offers several features such as:

  • Manual tracking
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Smart payroll management
  • Flexible working schedules, and
  • Powerful distraction management system


Bitrix24 offers a single platform for social collaboration, communication, and management functionalities. It helps in tracking employee workload, attendance, etc. It offers features such as:

  • Setting start and end times of work
  • Creating timesheets with payroll integration
  • Generating efficiency reports for calculating the productivity of the company.

It offers a free plan with limited features and paid plan starting from $24 a month.

TimeClock Plus 

TimeClock Plus is an attendance management software that simplifies leave management and scheduling shifts easier. It maintains a record of employee attendance and tracks their productivity. Some of the key features of TimeClock Plus are:

  • Accepting or rejecting leave requests from the same portal
  • Setting overtime payrolls for project profitability
  • Tracking unattended shifts

Pricing of this software is available on request.

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Tsheet is an attendance tracking application that is specially designed for field teams. The GPS functionality allows marking the attendance quickly. Some of its top features include:

  • Mobile time clock for entering the time-in and time-out, etc.
  • Creates and maintains the data related to shifts, jobs, and tasks.
  • Tracks overtime for project budgeting
  • Sends reminders to employees of their working hours.

It is a paid app starting at $8 per user per month with a base fee of $20.


Jibble is a cloud-based software that provides easy-to-use and straightforward tracking features. Using this software, one can easily track time, project, employee attendance. The user-friendly bot feature helps in tracking time in Slack and Microsoft teams. The drawback is that it does not provide attendance reports which is a hindrance to employee management. Its key features include:

  • Facial recognition feature 
  • The GPS feature helps in tracking location and work time-off.
  • The pin code feature to time entry reduces human errors.

  It offers a free plan for unlimited users, and the paid plan starts at $2 per month.

How to do attendance Tracking help to Streamline the Process in Organizations

Attendance tracking software maintains the attendance record of employees. It also helps in tracking the exact number of employees hired and their payrolls. These records facilitate tracking the productivity and maintaining the project budget. The cloud-based solution for time and attendance to centralize time capture with access anywhere makes the entire process streamlined for HR and the company.

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