Understanding the Different Methods of Job Analysis

Job analysis is the process of determining and recording information about a specific job, roles, and responsibilities associated with it, skills required for it, etc. Job analysis helps differentiate one job role from the other and is based on different methods and techniques. There are several job analysis methods, yet incorporating one or a combination of two may depend on the organization’s need. These may include interviews, questionnaires, observation, Functional Job Analysis, job inventories or checklists, job psychographic method, etc.

5 Key Methods of Job Analysis

Job analysis is based on observation and study and helps determine and record all the information required for a particular job. It is essential because it contributes to human resource management. The critical job analysis methods are observation, interview, functional job analysis, questionnaire, etc.

Observation Method

A job analyst observes an employee and records all the tasks performed, duties, and responsibilities fulfilled. The observation method helps gain first-hand knowledge and information about the job that needs to be analyzed. It may also help overview the work environment, tools, equipment used, relationships with other workers, and others.

Interview Method

The interview method involves a discussion between the job analysis and job experts. Individual or group interviews help in collecting data for job analysis. This information collected from the employees is often supplemented by supervisors whose jobs are analyzed. 

Daily Method

The daily method requires the employees to record their daily activities in detail. The information of the employees’ everyday activities is collected in detail and then analyzed. 

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Technical Conference Method

This is a method of job analysis that uses the services of the supervisors possessing extensive knowledge about a job are used with the help of conferences. In this conference organized by the job analyst, the supervisor provides details.

Functional Job Analysis (FJA)

Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is a data collection method for a specific job. It produces unique information related to employees’ actions and behaviour which is further used for writing job descriptions. It uses precise terminology and a structured schedule for recording information related to the job. It is beneficial in recruiting and selection functions.

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