A Deep Dive into Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a detailed process that involves identifying, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding candidates
Talent acquisition is a detailed process that involves identifying, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding candidates

Talent acquisition is the process of identifying and recruiting candidates for a company. It includes sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding candidates to fill the open job roles in an organization. Talent acquisition is the initial process for talent management, employee engagement, and employee development to increase an organization’s performance and productivity.

Talent acquisition software like the applicant tracking system streamlines top talent-hiring and recruiting. It automates the entire process from attracting candidates, engaging them, scheduling interviews, and making an offer. 
ATS reduces manual labor and increases efficiency by increasing the talent pool and sorting the resumes based on skills and experience. PyjamaHR is one such software that streamlines the talent acquisition process.

Talent acquisition is the process of attracting top talents to an organization

5 Ways an ATS helps in Talent Acquisition

An applicant tracking system is highly beneficial in talent acquisition. It can help find quality and top talents. Some of the ways to use ATS to find and hire top talents are:

Automates Tasks during the Hiring Process

The most significant proposition of an ATS is to reduce the manual labor and time-consuming process. HRs no longer have to maintain the long and tedious sheets or manually post jobs on different job boards and portals. 

They can use ATS to automate the entire process. The ATS does everything from creating a talent pool, sending emails, scheduling interviews, and onboarding the candidate. Spending long hours manually inputting data is no longer required. 

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Choose the ATS that fits your needs the best.

Builds Talent Pool in Advance

An ATS helps in building and cultivating a talent pool in advance. This saves a lot of time on sourcing. The details of these candidates can be stored within the ATS, and their resumes can be easily categorized based on their skills, work experience, etc. 

As a result, the candidate database is easily created for further use. Rather than discarding highly-skilled top talents because they don’t fit the exact role, store their details on file using an ATS. It is easy to re-engage with them when a new position opens that fits their profile. 
Once a pipeline of sourcing the best candidates is created, finding the perfect candidate becomes easy.

Builds a Strong Employee Branding to Attract the Best Talents

Applicant tracking systems help manage candidates and attract them to apply for the job. Strong employee branding attracts suitable candidates. 

The career page is the applicant’s first impression to attract them to apply for the job. Showcase every detail about the organization that makes it unique on the career page. 
Put details about the company, culture, and client. ATS can help create a fully optimized, branded, and customized career page for an enjoyable candidate experience. This attracts top talents to apply to the advertised position.

Good employee branding reflects a company’s culture and practices

Integrates with the HR Tech Stack

System integration requirements vary from one organization to the other. Integrating the HR tech stack into ATS is a unique and great way to streamline and centralize the candidate information. 

You must integrate your ATS with job boards, HR systems, assessment tools, and candidate sourcing platforms. Integrating the ATS with the HR tech stack gives a better user experience. 
Integration of the HR tech stack is only possible when the ATS is compatible with existing tools. Evaluate the ATS and discuss with vendors if the ATS offers integration with the present tools. If the ATS is consistent, the tech stack can be more efficient.

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Provides a Comprehensive Dashboard

The applicant tracking system helps at every step of the recruitment process. However, its primary function is to make tracking and managing candidate applications a smooth experience. 

All ATS have a dashboard, and to meet the talent acquisition requirements, you must maximize its usage. The dashboard has all the critical data of candidates, including location, experience, and skillsets.

ATS filters can help rank the applicants and assign them a score based on the information provided and the assessment tools

This way, narrowing down the candidates that align with the current open positions becomes easy.

The Importance of Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is building the best candidates in the pipeline that align with the company’s goals and plans. Talent acquisition has a significant and direct impact on the company’s value. Here are five key factors that depict the importance of talent acquisition in any organization.

Increased Productivity

Talent acquisition increases the organization’s productivity and is the most crucial aspect of the company’s success. Talent acquisition software helps hire candidates with the right skills to perform the role better. The relationship between talent acquisition and productivity is proportional—the better the performance, the better the productivity. 

Also, polishing the candidates’ skills contributes to the company’s growth and development. Hiring candidates who do not have the correct skill set can cause the company huge losses. Such candidates have no idea how to perform the task and are often clueless about the company’s aims and goals and how to achieve them.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is always a challenge for any company or organization. Employees tend to stay in a company longer if they take an active role in learning and development. Employees look for chances to progress, and the company’s strategies should help them do so.

Skilled and talented employees often look for growth opportunities, and you must engage them so that they stay in the company for the long term. After all, you do not want to lose talented employees!
Retaining talented employees significantly affects the company’s profit. If a qualified employee leaves the company, it causes a considerable loss. So, companies must provide employees with development opportunities to retain them.

Engaging employees in the learning and development process is crucial for employee retention

Generates New Business Ideas

Talent acquisition software helps in hiring candidates who have the right skills to assist in the progress and development of the company. Suitable candidates tend to contribute better.

Talent acquisition prepares employees to take on bigger and better clients. By building positive relationships with other clients through employee skills and innovations, the company can become profitable and successful.

Hiring candidates with the right skills, abilities, and knowledge help generate new business ideas. The ideas and inputs from such candidates or employees help identify new revenue generation sources from undiscovered opportunities.

Decrease in Skill Gaps

Talent acquisition software helps in hiring candidates with skills matching the job role. Such software automates the process of hiring candidates. Talent acquisition software like ATS scans the resumes and finds the one who has the right skills to match the open position.

Talented candidates always look for growth opportunities. Create learning pathways for the right talents to gain the skills to reach their destination. They can also help other employees build their skills. Learning pathways are a critical factor in employee development and talent management. 

The applicant tracking system creates an effective platform for training sessions and stores those files for future use.

Drives Better Customer Experience

Customers are likely to stay connected to the company if they have a good and positive employee experience. Talent acquisition motivates other employees who lack the skills to acquire the missing skills.

Such candidates and employees know how to tackle customers in the best way possible. This promotes customer engagement. 

This is reflected when the employees speak to the customers. Better skilled and high-performing staff can deliver a better customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does it mean to develop talent?

Talent acquisition enhances employees’ present skills and identifies the new skills critical for the organization’s growth and development.

Why are applicant tracking systems important?

ATS is important because:
Automates the tasks during the hiring process
Builds talent pool in advance
Creates strong employee branding to attract top talents
Integrates with the HR tech stack
Provides comprehensive dashboard

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