Win your hiring game with a personalised candidate experience. Here’s how.


Generic messages and impersonal content on career sites fail to appeal to a larger pool of qualified candidates. Researching and collecting relevant information about your ideal candidates and using them in communication helps create a personalised candidate experience. Candidates perceive that you have a genuine interest in discussing their career aspirations. 

Personalise your recruitment process using the below practices:

1. Using personalised outreach messages

Personalised outreach message

When you pick a few suitable candidates and decide to reach out to them personally, you must send personalised messages to improve responses. Most recruiters mistake pushing jobs in the candidate’s face, asking them to apply. Instead, consider personalisation when sending emails or InMail outreach messages on LinkedIn to potential candidates. 

Structure your outreach message into three main parts:

  • Hook – This part of the message will create interest in your potential candidates. Based on your research, include what unique about the candidate made you send this message. 
  • Body – Emphasise what you can offer to address the candidate’s long-term goals.
  • Call to action – A short and appealing line to trigger the candidate’s interest in applying. It can range from redirecting to your career page to filling a google form to booking an interview.

Use recruitment software like PyjamaHR to access predefined outreach messages, customising them and personalising them for different candidates.

2. Personalising the career page content

Personalising the career page content

Personalising content for the target candidates is essential to make an appealing first impression. Candidates expect personalised content, including job descriptions, when they visit your career page. 

Customise your career site content based on candidates’ interests and show relevant job recommendations based on their skills and qualification. Use PyjamaHR ATS to build a career page, show candidates personalised content and offer an easy job search and application process.

Further, send personalised emails to candidates who subscribe to your talent network, convincing them to return to your career page.

3. Improvising communication based on feedback

Feedback-based communication

Feedback is the best way to test your efforts. Identify gaps in your communication and find ways to improve them. Based on feedback, refine your communication:

Personalisation is the best way to achieve a lot of your recruitment goals. Using the above tips, you can personalise communication and offer personalised candidate experience to your job applicants. It will positively impact candidates’ perceptions. They will see you as a good employer who can address their long-term goals.

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