Defining Training and Development


Training and development are an integral part of human resource management. The purpose is to improve productivity both of the employees and the organization. The organization organizes training to enhance and improvise employee skills and knowledge as per the job requirement. On the other hand, development is a self-assessment act that focuses on the growth and maturity of the organization’s workforce. It focuses on the overall growth of the employee.

Objectives of Training and Development

Though both training and development differ, they share the same objective. Both have the same purpose of improving employees’ performance by developing employees’ practical knowledge. This will ultimately help in achieving the goal of the organization efficiently. The main objectives of training and development programs are to provide job-related knowledge to the employees, increase productivity, quality improvement, reduce employee turnover, provide industrial safety, and maintain an effective management team.

Training Vs. Development

Though training and development form an integral part of an organization, they are different in meaning, focus, and duration. Training is a process of learning that develops skills, knowledge, and competency as per the requirement of the job. It is a short-term job-specific practice that focuses on improving an employee’s work performance. Development, however, focuses on the overall development of the employees. It is a long-term career-oriented practice that prepares the employee for future challenges.


Training is a short-term process carried out for three to six months. On the other hand, the development process is a continuous process that aims to prepare the employees for future challenges that they might face.


The scope of training is limited as it is job-specific. However, development is broader as it focuses on an employee’s overall career. The scope depends on the categories of employees to be trained. It is a continuous process and is needed for both the new as well as old employees at all levels in an organization.


Training is aimed at new employees who are not at the managerial level. Development, however, refers to the process carried out by those at the administrative and executive levels.

Focuses on

Training focuses on improving an employee’s skills and developing knowledge for their job role. On the other hand, development focuses on developing knowledge, skills, and understanding to face challenges in the future.

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