This is how companies use AI chatbots to streamline hiring


With more people looking for instant messaging, AI chatbots are dramatically influencing communication. They have been widely used for marketing, and now recruitment chatbots are helping employers streamline their hiring process. 

Recruitment chatbots are trained to respond based on their role in the recruitment process. The ultimate purpose of using AI chatbots is to keep the candidates’ experience upright so that more qualified applicants get hired faster.

Let us look at some of the best ways you can employ chatbots in your recruitment businesses:

1. Do administrative tasks

Chatbots are of great help in assisting recruiters and HR professionals with administrative tasks. For example, it can help you quickly find a document regarding company policies, knowledge bases, and other documents. Besides, chatbots can support recruiters’ by sending reminders about required actions and notifying updates in the ATS and CRM.

2. Review applications

Using a chatbot to review job applications

You don’t want to manually review an overwhelming number of applications and check if the candidates have the required skills. You can use a chatbot that matches candidates’ skills with the job requirements. It will significantly reduce the time spent screening candidates and improve the efficiency of your hiring process.

3. Respond to queries

When you market your vacant positions well, you will likely receive many queries from job seekers. Some questions candidates frequently ask are – about the role, application status, salary, employee benefits, remote work policy and medical coverage. Answering all of them will be a tedious task.

Using a chatbot to respond to candidates

Instead, it would be cost-effective to give candidates the option to talk with a recruitment chatbot to get answers to such standard questions. Recruitment chatbots can easily pull information from knowledge base articles and other documents to answer those questions. For instance, when candidates face difficulty with the application process, a chatbot can help them navigate through the site, finding specific pages and information to move ahead with their application.

4. Schedule interviews

Chatbot for interview scheduling

Recruitment teams improve their interview scheduling with recruitment chatbots. When chatbots take care of standard processes like scheduling and sending interview reminders, recruiters can focus more on the best ways of sourcing candidates, job posting and promoting employer branding.

5. Sourcing passive candidates

In the marketing business, AI chatbots are used for email collection and marketing. Marketers use chatbots to send automated fun promotions, asking users to fill in their email IDs. Recruitment chatbots use a similar approach to send personalised emails to candidates who are not actively looking for jobs but are open to opportunities, asking them to fill out forms and apply to your vacant jobs. It also saves the recruiters time manually engaging with candidates slightly less likely to convert.

Additionally, recruitment chatbots can send outreach messages to candidates who visit your career page but don’t apply, engaging them in conversations and pushing updates about now available job vacancies.

The most important reason to use a chatbot is that it can respond to candidates faster – quickly answering frequently asked questions, sending follow-up messages, reminders and conducting unbiased reviews. It relieves recruiters of petty jobs and jobs which are repetitive. Consider using a chatbot that meets your organisation’s recruitment needs and makes the recruitment process fast and efficient.

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