The Future of Work in India: A Rollercoaster Ride with HR in the Front Seat!


The Future in the grand scheme of things are rapidly changing in India. The era of Digitalization, a whole new generation ready for employment, and sustainability are a few factors that are changing the road map of a workplace in a growing economy like India! We have listed 10 important trends that are taking place in the Indian workspace.

1. Remote, is the New Close!

Didn’t we all adore the thought of working from home while drinking coffee, skipping the drive, and valuing work-life balance? Well, what was once a forced tendency has now evolved into the “New Normal” as a result of the global pandemic. As HR experts, we must adjust to this virtual society. Everything revolves around controlling Zoom meetings, working together on Google Docs, and mastering the technique of remote recruiting. The future is farther away and nearer than you would imagine!

2. Skill it to Kill it!

Automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are no longer simply buzzwords. They are the paradigm shifters who are quickly altering the employment landscape. Degrees are no longer as prized as skills. It’s time to invest in retraining and upgrading our employees’ skills so they will be prepared for the future. Just keep in mind that your best defense against automation is a trained staff!

3. Gig-normous Opportunities!

In India, the gig economy is exploding like a Diwali rocket! People are no longer devoted to their 9 to 5 employment. They are looking for contract-based, part-time, and freelance positions. Why not, then? It allows for flexibility, the acquisition of new abilities, and the avoidance of boredom. We must open our doors to this wonderful world of potential as HR strategists. Workers on gigs, welcome!

4. Well-being is Well-done!

Even if we heavily automate, the human touch will always be necessary. Human welfare must be the main concern of labor in the future. Employee well-being should be our first goal, from treating mental health to managing work-from-home stress. After all, aren’t contented workers more effective workers?

5. Diversity: The Real Game Changer!

When it comes to predicting future workplace trends, diversity is our ace in the hole. Geographical lines have become less distinct as remote work has become more popular. It’s our chance to unite different viewpoints and develop a welcoming and creative workplace. Can we transform our organizations into a little global village? That is the task I present to you.

7. Data: Your New Best Friend

Data is the new gold mine in the HR industry! Data analytics may be used to forecast staff attrition and make well-informed decisions. However, keep in mind that with tremendous power comes great responsibility! Let’s make sure we utilize data morally and respect the privacy of our workers. 

8. Sustainability: No More an Option!

Friends, the future is green, and it’s time to include sustainability into our HR plans. Can we do without paper? Can our carbon impact be reduced? Let’s set a challenge for ourselves to green our workplaces. Both our employees and the environment will appreciate it!

9. Lifelong Learning: The Success Mantra!

Learning never ends in a job market that is continuously changing. We ought to encourage a culture of lifelong learning as the representatives of India’s workforce of the future. There are several tools, including webinars, online classes, and seminars. Instead of seeing learning as a final goal, let’s make it a fascinating journey!

10. Get Ready for Gen Z!

Last but not least, let’s be ready to welcome Gen Z, who were born into the digital age. They provide new viewpoints and ground-breaking concepts because they were created in the Internet age. It is our duty to provide an atmosphere that will enable them to flourish.

The future of work in India is like a blockbuster movie, full of thrilling twists and turns. As HR stars, we are not just part of the script; we are the scriptwriters! You will have to adopt new tools and platforms to ensure that you are not left behind. For example, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)  can be a game changer when it comes to hiring a candidate! So, let’s pen down an epic future, shall we?! So, let’s pen down an epic future, shall we? 

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