PyjamaHR ATS integration with 3 popular G Suite applications


ATS integration allows you to connect your applicant tracking system with the existing softwares and solutions so that you can continue using them for your recruitment process.

Since many small and medium-sized businesses use G Suite applications for daily communication, we have integrated with the most popular G Suite tools. They speed up recruitment at crucial points.

1. Gmail integration

PyjamaHR integration with Gmail

While hiring, accurate and timely communication is a challenge. Often, delayed or missed responses negatively impact the hiring effort.

If you are already using Gmail for official communication, you can continue using it with PyjamaHR Gmail integration. You can manage all your communications with the candidates and internal communications via mailbox on ATS. You will respond to candidates faster without switching systems or applications.

2. Google Calendar integration

Synchronise meetings and appointment schedules by integrating your Google Calendar with PyjamaHR ATS. This way, you will have one common calendar to see all your appointments and do not have to switch between applications.

PyjamaHR integration with Google Calendar

Scheduling interviews using Google Calendar

On PyjamaHR, you get multiple video interview options, including inbuilt video interview, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. Integrating your Google Calendar allows you to schedule and conduct interviews via Google Meet.

3. Google Meet integration 

It is an easy-to-use video conferencing tool, widely popular for conducting job interviews. By integrating Google Calendar, you can conduct interviews via Google Meet. When scheduling interviews, you get different options. One of those options includes Google Meet.

Google Meet for interview

When you select “Google Meet” as your interview type, an invitation is sent to both interviewer and the candidates.

PyjamaHR and Google Meet integration help recruiters efficiently conduct remote interviews and deliver a consistent interview experience.

At PyjamaHR, we integrate tools that are recruiter’s current favourites and simplify the hiring process. These three G Suite applications accelerate the hiring process, from seamless communication to timely scheduling and conducting interviews.

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