Modern-day techniques recruiters use for sourcing candidates


Due to talent shortage, recruiters struggle with their candidate sourcing methods to find candidates with the required skills. Often talented candidates are sought after by recruiters. As a result, very few qualified people are actively looking for jobs. 

So how can you find talented candidates? 

It is where a refined candidate sourcing strategy across channels comes in handy. This blog will discuss best practices using the top 5 candidate sourcing channels:

1. Effectively sourcing candidates through online job postings

Use job boards for advertising your job openings. It is the best way to source candidates actively looking for new opportunities. Some of the biggest job sites with millions of job seekers are Naukri, Indeed and LinkedIn. While 40 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week, over 250 million job seekers visit Indeed every month looking for jobs. Also, millions of job seekers use Naukri, Monster, IIM Jobs and AngelList.

Create an appealing job description that encourages more candidates to submit their resumes. It will enhance your talent pool and help you build your own database of resumes for future use.

Use recruitment softwares like PyjamaHR applicant tracking system to post jobs to multiple sites in one click. 

2. Sourcing candidates through an appealing career page

Use your employer branding efforts to attract more candidates to your company’s career page. Develop clear, crisp and appealing content for your career page. It will help improve candidates’ perception of your company. Candidates who see you as a good employer will chase you when you have a job vacancy.  

Recruiters using the PyjamaHR career page builder have significantly improved their candidate sourcing efforts. They use it as a foundation for creating an appealing career page which relieves them of creating it from scratch, investing time and resources.

3. Sourcing candidates through recruitment databases

Recruitment database search

Collect and organise resumes you source through various channels to build and maintain your own database of candidates. 

Internal database

Instead of maintaining a spreadsheet, busy recruiters prefer a cutting-edge applicant tracking system. Use PyjamaHR ATS to import and organise candidates’ resumes that you source. So, every time a new requirement comes up, you can refer to your internal database. Sort old resumes to pick candidates that reached the last recruitment stages. You will save plenty of time to do other tasks. 

Online recruitment database

Online recruitment database allows you to search resumes and reach out to a large pool of job seekers. Naukri Resdex and Indeed resume search are some of the popular online recruitment databases with millions of resumes and strong search filters. You can reach out to candidates for diverse roles, industries and locations based on your requirement. It has a pricing plan. Choose one that suits you.

4. Sourcing candidates via referrals

Sourcing candidates via referrals

Employee referral is one of the most effective candidate sourcing methods to source qualified candidates. Use your existing employees’ professional and personal network to locate candidates. It increases the chances of hiring more reliable candidates who stay longer with your company. Other critical benefits include reduced hiring time and a higher candidate conversion rate.

5. Sourcing candidates through recruitment agencies

Reaching out to a recruitment agency is one of the few effective candidate sourcing methods to find qualified candidates. Contact the recruitment agency that specialises in your industry. 

Usually, they create job descriptions based on the job requirements you specify. They will use their expertise to locate candidates on various channels and reach out to them. On receiving applications, they review them to introduce the qualified candidates to you. It saves hours you will spend sorting applications. 

When you hire a candidate sourced through a recruitment agency, they charge you some percentage of the new employee’s salary as their fees.

Candidate sourcing has become one of the most challenging tasks in the hiring process. Use strategic candidate sourcing, define candidate persona and adopt the right channels. Consider using the PyjamaHR ATS to leverage your internal database of candidates. It has all the features to help you organise and maintain a reliable talent pool.  

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