How to reduce interview scheduling inefficiencies with automation?


Interview scheduling is a crucial part of automating the recruitment process. Automated interview scheduling allows recruiters to increase their efficiency. The recruiters can focus more on candidates than the process.

Benefits of automated interview scheduling

There are several benefits of automated interview scheduling. The most important ones are:

1. Flexibility to schedule

The interviewer and the candidates get the flexibility to conduct and appear for the interview. The interviewers can block the time slot when they are unavailable, and candidates can select the available time slots as per their availability. If the candidates are unavailable during the free slots, they can request more time slots.

2. Automatic reminders

Automatic reminder

Using automated interview scheduling, you will get the benefit of automatic reminders. It will remind you before the interview. In many cases, you can also customise the reminder to make it personalised.

3. Improved candidate experience

Manually scheduling interviews can cause errors in selecting the right time, date, and interviewer availability. And it will create a negative impact on the candidate’s mind.

Ensuring a good candidate experience is essential in hiring. And an automated interview scheduling will save you from the errors that send a negative message about your organisation’s management and hampers candidate experience.

4. Reduced hiring time

You will overcome interview scheduling issues and improve your slow hiring process with automation. It will save you from manual errors and help you conduct timely and speedy interviews.

Why do you need automated interview scheduling?

As per a Yello poll, 41% of recruiters still schedule interviews over phone calls. It affects the candidate’s experience. Today, every candidate is familiar with automated interview scheduling and its benefits. It is convenient both for the recruiter and the candidate. Hence, scheduling an interview over call will negatively impact your hiring process, giving a sense that you are not updated with the latest technology.

How can you automate interview scheduling?

Adopt a tool which is easy to understand and use. It will ensure that your recruitment team gets started from day 1.


An easy-to-use appointment scheduling tool which is popular among recruiters. It automates interview scheduling and improves the efficiency of the recruitment process. Using Calendly, recruiters can allow candidates to select time slots. Other impressive features include sending reminders, workflow management, report generation and integration with popular softwares that simplify the hiring process.


It is the right tool to make interview scheduling easy for you. You can schedule interviews using PyjamaHR in two ways:

1. Share a fixed time slot

Fixed interview time slot

When you share a fixed time slot with the candidates, they will know the date and time to appear for the interview. The candidates can then prepare their set up accordingly if the interview is remotely held or commute to the interview location on a fixed date and time.

2. Allow candidates to choose the available time slot

Flexible interview time slot

Once the interviewer selects the slots and adds details of the interview, an invitation is sent to the candidates. The candidates get the flexibility to choose the time slots as per their availability.

Automated interview scheduling has proven to improve the hiring process. It will have a huge impact on how candidates perceive your company. It sends a positive message that your organisation is modern, organised and has good management. You can either use an appointment scheduling tool like Calendly or an ATS like PyjamaHR with calendar integration and interview scheduling feature.

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