Here’s what happens when you switch to collaborative hiring process


Unlike many other jobs where a single person is able to handle everything from the beginning to the end, recruitment is supposed to be a team affair. About 75% of the employers believe teamwork is very important in hiring (Queens University).

What is collaborative hiring?

collaborative hiring

Collaborative hiring is a team-based hiring where recruiters along with hiring managers and people from different departments within the company take part in the hiring process.

In a traditional hiring method, the candidates interact with the recruiter and one or two other decision makers like the hiring manager. Whereas, collaborative hiring involves multiple stages where candidates get to interact with several employees who can be their future co-workers.  

This blog highlights the 7 immediate benefits of collaborative hiring, recruitment teams can start leveraging.

1. Workload is distributed

Workload distribution

When a recruiter has to do everything, the recruitment process is likely inefficient than in collaborative hiring. The overwhelming number of applications will be a burden on the recruiters and they may take the approach of rush and complete it. However, when the recruiter, hiring manager and other team members are involved in the hiring process, they make collective decisions based on individual feedback. It leads to distributed workload, efficient recruitment process and suitable hires.

2. Eliminates recruitment biases

Another top benefit of collaborative hire is that it limits the unconscious bias that usually gets into the recruitment process. Traditionally, when the recruiter alone vets the applications and makes decisions, they fail to prevent unconscious bias from getting into the process. For example, they may reject potential candidates based on their perception of the candidate during the first few questions, even though the candidate has all the skills required for the job.

3. Improves candidate experience

If candidates get to talk to a few current employees before receiving the offer letter, it helps them make better decisions. Usually, if a recruiter conducts phone screening and the hiring manager and other team members interact with the candidate in the interview process later, it enhances the overall experience of the candidates. Moreover, a group of people will bring innovative ideas to reach out to candidates and pitch the vacancy than the lone recruiter.

4. Reduces hiring time

An overburdened recruiter, overseeing multiple positions will likely be overwhelmed and make mistakes. They have to switch between jobs, rectify mistakes and redo. The process will thus become slow and ineffective, leading to a low offer acceptance rate and poor retention on hiring.

5. Diversity hiring

Diversity hiring

Another great benefit of collaborative approach is improved diversity hiring. With a few responsible people, trained to eliminate recruitment bias, take care of the hiring process, you will hire people with diverse backgrounds and hence have a diverse workforce with each individual having different perspectives.

6. Improved feedback sharing

Collaborative hiring is usually equipped with tools that enable improved feedback sharing systems. Each member of the hiring team can share their feedback at different stages of the hiring workflow and thus have a consolidated view of the process for each candidate. 

With the PyjamaHR robust feedback sharing feature, recruitment teams seldom make recruitment decisions to regret letters.

Candidate feedback

7. Better hiring decision

With collaborative hiring, you have workload distribution to avoid rush and finish approaches. Embrace feedback based shortlisting. Also, you work against biases. All of these sum up to a better hiring decision.

Now is the time you start using collaborative hiring to make recruitment efficient. Adopt a team approach to bring into your recruitment process these 7 great benefits. And embrace implementing an ATS which helps realising the benefits of collaborative hiring. PyjamaHR is the right software to enable recruitment teams implement collaborative hiring practices with built in feedback sharing features and integration to popular G Suite applications, Calendly, video conferencing platforms and other collaborative recruiting tools.

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