Healthcare recruiting ideas you can start executing right away


Due to talent shortage and skills gap in the industry, healthcare recruiting will likely be more difficult in the coming years.

In 1950, the life expectancy rate of India stood at 35.21 years. The current life expectancy in India is 70.19 years, which will continue to increase with medical advancement (News18). People of older ages require more access to healthcare services, increasing the need for more healthcare workers.

In this blog, we have shared some effective ways recruiters in the healthcare industry succeed in achieving their hiring goals:

1. Go for campus recruiting

Campus recruitment

Start recruiting early for healthcare roles that require advanced degrees, certification and medical training via campus recruitment. Make campus recruiting a part of your long-term recruitment strategy. Offer internships to fresh graduates and final-year students. This way, you will nurture bright young adults who can become great full-time hires and create a strong talent pipeline.

2. Pick the best job boards for healthcare workers

Monster, Naukri, TuteeHUB, LinkedIn, Indeed and Curaa are some of the most popular job boards for healthcare professionals. 

Use job boards to go beyond hiring clinical and medically trained candidates. Use them to post jobs for non-clinical healthcare workers like facility maintenance staff, food service workers, technicians and hospital executives.

3. Pick the best applicant tracking system

Healthcare organisations that keep up with the industry trends and update their recruitment strategies time-to-time never face talent shortages. One such in-demand solution is an applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to screening to interviewing and onboarding. It is widely adopted across industries, including healthcare.

Consider using the PyjamaHR ATS. It is currently helping over 2500 companies succeed in their recruitment drives.

4. Improve your assessment process

Carefully evaluate and screen candidates’ resumes and cover letters. Test candidates’ skills, personalities and intelligence using pre-assessment tests to learn about the competencies of your potential hire. Healthcare candidates must:

  • Have problem-solving skills
  • Be able to learn new concepts quickly
  • Have behavioural traits to fit into the work culture
  • Have job-related skills to execute their duties

It is hard to assess these attributes by looking at candidates’ resumes. Design tests like aptitude tests, personality tests and skills tests to appropriately measure the competencies of healthcare workers to move forward with their candidature.

5. Advertise in college newspapers

Newspaper Advertisement

Advertise your job openings for healthcare roles in newspapers of medical colleges. Target medical students to apply to your internship and full-time job opportunities.

6. Partner with a healthcare recruiting firm

Recruitment Agency

Healthcare recruiting agencies can make finding and hiring candidates a lot easier. From checking references to screening, they can take a lot of burden off your shoulders.

When you reach out to a recruiting agency, check reviews and work portfolios to verify their track record in hiring for the healthcare sector. You can rely on expert recruitment firms for great hires and focus more on your clinical expertise.

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