Hacks to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for recruitment


Recruiters generally use LinkedIn talent solutions like Recruiter and Recruiter Lite to reach out to passive job seekers. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is another solution with equally powerful features the sales team in your company uses for reaching out to prospects. And it might never come to your mind that you can use Sales Navigator also for reaching out to candidates.

What is “LinkedIn Sales Navigator”?

Sales Navigator – LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool sales representatives use to tap into the LinkedIn professional network of 850 million users in more than 200 countries. It offers features that allow users to search, identify and message professionals on LinkedIn.

Companies can provide the same tool to their recruitment team and leverage its features to meet hiring goals. Except for the two filters – “Skills” and “Year of graduation”, available on LinkedIn recruitment products, all other filters are available on Sales Navigator.

How to find candidates using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Use the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make hiring easier and more efficient.

1. Use Sales Navigator’s 29 strong filters to search for passive candidates.

Sales Navigator filters – LinkedIn

While LinkedIn talent solution Recruiter and Recruiter Lite has 21 filters, Sales Navigator has 29 strong filters. Search filters that are highly relevant for recruiting include:

  • Current job title
  • Current company
  • Past company
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Seniority level
Sales Navigator “Save search” feature – LinkedIn

It is one of the best features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When you apply some filters, looking for the perfect candidates, you will find many relevant candidates on LinkedIn. But, it is not limited. Every day, millions of people update their profiles, and millions of new people join. So, when you use LinkedIn’s “Save Search” feature, LinkedIn adds those profiles matching your search to your “saved search” and notifies you.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator TeamLink feature

Opposed to cold outreach messages, use the TeamLink feature to send warm introductions for connecting and building relationships with the candidates. 

When you accept the LinkedIn Sales Navigator upgrade, the TeamLink feature gets automatically enabled. You can adjust how your TeamLink feature works by clicking on the link “Change TeamLink Settings”.

TeamLink will identify and suggest people in your or your team’s connection when you search for candidates and view a profile. You can ask them for an introduction instead of sending a cold message. A warm introduction always has a greater conversion rate.

Recruiters who know how to use Sales Navigator for recruiting can get ROI much higher than when using recruitment products like Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. Use the above tips to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to search for candidates, build relationships, hire and build a strong recruitment pipeline.

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