Grow your talent pool and be always ahead of your hiring game


In today’s candidate-led market, competition for talented candidates remains consistently high. Hence, relying on active candidates alone is not enough. Besides posting job ads to target active job seekers, find and engage with passive candidates to grow your talent pool and be future-ready.

Use the below tips to build a rich talent pool of candidates:

1. Use employer branding to attract talent

Top contenders expect more than just satisfactory compensation. Think of employer branding strategies so that such candidates find it appealing enough to consider leaving their current position when you have a vacancy in future.

2. Reach out to passive candidates

Reaching out to passive candidates

75% of working professionals are not actively looking for job opportunities but are still open to a job change (G2). Hence, when you rely on job ads alone, you target only the remaining 25% of the candidates. 

Passive candidates will most likely not come across your job opportunities unless you reach out to them. 

So how do you find them?

Use social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to reach out to suitable candidates. Send them invitations to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. Also, use resume databases like Indeed Resume Search and Naukri Resdex to search and filter candidate profiles you will likely hire in the future.

3. Develop relationships with candidates

Candidates appreciate meaningful relationships with employers. They consider the length of the relationship and familiarity with the company to accept job offers.

Sending personalised invitations to connect is the first step in developing relationships with candidates. Consider sending timely outreach messages to prospective candidates. Post appealing workplace developments and achievements to engage them. This way, you will build lasting relationships with top contenders.

4. Develop a rich database

Often, recruiters neglect the second-best candidates when they hire for a vacancy. And when they have a vacancy for that position, they start their hiring process from scratch. Post new job ads, and look through the enterprise recruitment database and social media. 

Instead, build a consolidated rich database of candidates who qualified for most of the stages in previous recruitment drives. Also, include candidates who denied your offer or were not ready to change jobs. You will have a rich database of talented candidates who are pre-screened and familiar with what your company is all about.

5. Leverage PyjamaHR talent pool

PyjamaHR Talent Pool

PyjamaHR Talent Pool stores candidate details under easy-to-access unique profiles. It allows candidates 360 profile views for easy access to all candidate information and conversation in one place.

From profiles you encounter on social media to resumes you receive on your career page and job boards, you can add them to PyjamaHR Talent Pool.

If your ATS does not have a Talent Pool feature, sign up for a demo with PyjamaHR now to see how it will help you develop a rich Talent Pool of qualified candidates. A rich talent pool prepares you for the future. When you have enough talented candidates a click away, you can fill jobs faster and hire suitable candidates. 

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