Recruiting Email Templates for an Effective Hiring Process


Connecting to suitable candidates is extremely important. Email is an essential tool of communication to engage candidates. A hiring approach must accommodate the electronic exchange of information via emails. Email templates can ease this process. Email templates are a pre-defined structure for drafting an email crafted according to the hirer’s need. Exchanging information via email eases the hiring process and keeps the candidates in the loop.

Email templates for a streamlined hiring process

How to Craft an Effective Email Template

Crafting an effective email is quite an engaging task. You should draft an email with all the necessary information mentioned. While preparing an email, certain things must be kept in mind. These are that email should be precise, align with the employer brand, be free of grammatical errors, have a personal touch, etc.

Align with Your Employer Brand

The one crucial thing to be kept in mind while drafting an email is to align with your employer’s brand. Employer branding differentiates your company from the others, enabling you to recruit the right candidates. An effective email must incorporate employer branding as it is the reason to hire quality candidates, cut hiring costs, and reduce employee turnover. While drafting an email, keep in mind the company’s culture and values.

Be Precise

Email must contain relevant information. Clearly state the purpose of the email and do not give irrelevant questions as it becomes pretty time-consuming. Be precise in what you want to deliver or ask through this email. Effective email should only contain the necessary and to-the-point information. You can do this by keeping the paragraphs short and adding bullet points.

Add a Personal Touch

Remember, the goal is to have an excellent candidate experience. Tailor your email templates according to the candidate you want to send the email to. Add personal details wherever possible. Applicant tracking systems and recruitment tools such as JobVite, PyjamaHR, BreezyHR, etc., record personal information from the resume. You can then use the collected information to give a personal touch to the emails.

Tailored emails improves candidate experience.
Tailor your emails according to the candidate you want to send the mail to

Be on Time

The more you delay, the better the chances of other employers hiring your candidate. Be prompt with your email response and stick to the timelines. It would be best to keep the candidate hanging for too long; reply within 24 hours. A further delay shows impunctuality and doesn’t send a good message to the candidates.

Check for Grammatical Errors

Recruiting emails generally have a high chance of having a typo. Making such errors reflects poorly on the company, and the candidates start believing that the company doesn’t care to send grammatically correct sentences. It leaves a poor impression on the candidates. Ensuring that the email is error-free before sending it to the candidate is essential. Check the personal details, the grammar and spelling, the sentence structure, and others to have an error-free email.

Types of Email Templates

There can be several types of email templates depending on the nature and purpose of the email. Some may be related to the job role, while others may concern employee onboarding. Some examples of the different email templates can be sourcing email templates, follow-up email templates, candidate assessment email templates, etc.

Sourcing Email Template

Sourcing email template is a compelling and robust email essential to increase your talent pool. Since it is the first time you will be approaching the candidate, make sure you are clear with your offer. You can find a sample sourcing email below.

Email Subject: Job opportunity and Job title or Position in Your Company.

Salutation (Hi ABC-name of the candidate)

I came across your profile on (mention the site) and wanted to reach out about a unique opportunity in our industry.

I work for COMPANY NAME, and we are looking for a JOB TITLE/POSITION. I believe that your experience and skill in the FIELD OF WORK are an excellent fit for this particular role.

If you are interested in knowing more, I would love to connect. Please mention a few dates along with timings to confirm your availability. We can have a quick call.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Follow-up Email Template

Candidates must be kept in the loop. Inform the candidates about the receipt of the application and inform them of the next step. You can find a sample email below.

Email Subject: COMPANY’S NAME – Acknowledging the receipt of the application


I appreciate your interest in COMPANY’S NAME. We have received your application for the open position of JOB TITLE/POSITION and will review your application thoroughly.

Someone from our team will contact you and update you about your application status within (TIMELINE).

You may visit our website, LINK TO THE COMPANY’S LANDING PAGE, to know more about the company.




Candidate Assessment Email Template

Candidate assessment emails help assess a candidate’s skills and abilities by giving them assignments and tasks. Emails defining the task must clearly state the instructions. You can find a sample assessment email below.

Email Subject: COMPANY’S NAME – Assignment for the JOB TITLE/POSITION


Thank you for applying for the JOB TITLE/POSITION. As part of our selection process, you will have to complete a short assignment before moving further with your application.

Attached herewith is a document containing the assignment and detailed instructions on how to do it. Please make sure that you read all the instructions before beginning the task. 

We want to evaluate your skills with this small task. The due date is MENTION THE DUE DATE. 

If you have any queries regarding the assignment, please feel free to ask. Good luck.



Calling for Interview Email Template

It is essential to inform the candidates about the schedule of their interviews via email. It should have all the relevant information. You can find a sample email here.

Email Subject: COMPANY’S NAME – Interview availability


Thank you for applying to the JOB TITLE/POSITION at COMPANY’S NAME. After thoroughly reviewing your application and resume, we are delighted to move forward with the interview process. 

We want to schedule an interview via PLATFORM with INTERVIEWER’S NAME, INTERVIEWER JOB TITLE, at COMPANY’S NAME. The interview will last approximately TIME DURATION. Are you available on DAY, DATE, TIME, TIME ZONE?

Please reply to the email and confirm your availability.




Schedule interviews and inform candidates via emails
Interview Scheduling through emails

Job Offer Email Template

Job offer or job proposal emails tell a candidate about their selection for the role or position. You can find a sample job offer email below.

Email Subject: COMPANY’S NAME – Enclosed is your JOB TITLE offer letter


It is my pleasure to offer you the position of JOB TITLE at COMPANY’S NAME.

Our team was highly impressed with your interview, and we are delighted to have you on board with us. We believe that your skills and experience will be an excellent addition to our team. Please review the following offer details carefully.


The position is a FULL TIME/PART TIME/ CONTRACTUAL role as JOB TITLE/POSITION ay COMPANY’S NAME. In this position, you will be reporting to the MANAGER in the DEPARTMENT. 

As a FULL TIME/PART TIME/ CONTRACTUAL employee, the position requires HOURS/WEEKS. You will have a NUMBER OF WORKING DAYS and are required to be available from TIMINGS OF THE JOB.

Your first day at work will be a MONTH.DAY.YEAR. For this position, our company will compensate you SALARY AMOUNT per month.



Attached is your full offer letter. Please sign and revert at the earliest to confirm your candidature. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the company. If you have any queries regarding the offer letter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.




Job Rejection Email Template

It is one of the most critical emails sent out to the candidates regarding the rejection of their candidature for the job role. You must draft it very carefully. You can find a sample job rejection email here.

Email Subject: Your application for JOB TITLE at COMPANY’S NAME


Thank you for applying to our JOB TITLE role and giving your precious time to us. We appreciate you for your interest in our COMPANY’S NAME.

We were fortunate to have a pool of talent but regret to inform you that we will not continue with your profile any further. We will keep your resume on file and will reach out to you if we have any role in the future that may suit your profile.

We hope you will stay connected with us and keep track of our career page LINK TO THE CAREER PAGE for future opportunities. We truly appreciate your time and consideration. 

All the best,



The Importance of Email Templates

Email templates are of significant use in every organization. It is a great way to standardize and formalize internal and external communications. It is a hassle-free process and saves time and effort, especially for mass communication with a large candidate pool. It is also error-proof as the same template is used for similar purposes but for sending it to different candidates. Email templates streamline the hiring process by sending automated emails to the candidates, saving manual labor.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can employers make their recruitment process more effective?

Connecting to the right candidates is extremely important. Email is an important tool of communication to engage candidates. A hiring approach must accommodate the electronic exchange of information via emails. Email templates can ease this process.

How to keep the candidates engaged in an email?

A candidate can be kept engaged in an email by crafting it with all the necessary information. While composing an email, certain things must be kept in mind. These are that email should be precise, align with the employer brand, be free of grammatical errors, have a personal touch, etc.
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