Best headhunting ideas recruitment teams use to tap into top candidates


Headhunting is the practice of spotting suitable candidates who are not actively looking for a job change. Since most job candidates are passive job seekers, headhunting becomes essential for employers to meet their hiring needs.

What is a headhunter?

Recruiters who specialise in executive search are called headhunters. Their job is to find the best candidates for the open positions.

Generally, headhunters fill executive roles which are hard to fill through standard recruitment channels. They use their skills to spot promising candidates, prepare outreach strategies and establish communication. They possess skills to convince top contenders to take up jobs in their organisation.

Headhunting techniques recruiters use to find top candidates

We have identified the four effective techniques headhunters use to hire top candidates for executive roles.

1. Reach out to existing contacts

Headhunting existing contacts

When headhunting for an open position, consider reaching out to candidates in your contact list. When you contact candidates you already know and have built relationships with, you will be more confident if the candidate is suitable for the role. Also, it will save you time researching suitable candidates and building relationships.

2. Reach out to candidates on social media

Headhunting candidates on social media

LinkedIn is a widely used social media site. Millions of working professionals actively engage in activities over LinkedIn. Recruiters use social recruiting on LinkedIn and other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach prospective candidates.

3. Network with suitable candidates and nurture relationships

Building a professional network with people in the same industry is a great technique headhunters use. Send invitations to connect, engage in meaningful conversation and exchange opinions to strengthen relationships. It will help you develop a contact list for headhunting.

4. Meet candidates face to face

Meeting candidates face-to-face

Headhunters go beyond social media outreach and virtual calls. It could be the best way to establish contact and understand candidates better. Meet over coffee after work or during lunch. Initiate conversation to make them comfortable and share their experience.

Headhunting is an integral part of the recruitment process in every organisation. Hence, headhunters are in great demand in the recruitment business. You must understand the above headhunting techniques, which are most used and come up with innovative ideas to find and hire great passive candidates for your organisation.

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