8 questions you must ask your ATS vendor


When you adopt an applicant tracking system, you look for a long-term fix. Something that can improve your entire recruiting process end to end. Unlike old recruitment softwares, which solves only some parts of the recruitment, modern ATS takes care of the entire recruitment process.

Ask your ATS vendor the following questions:

1. How good is your ATS for virtual hiring?

Virtual hiring

Applicant tracking systems allows recruiters to hire virtually. An ATS with the best virtual hiring features speeds up the hiring process and saves time. You can have all of the candidate’s information into an ATS and use the various features to move candidates from one stage to the other. Hence, recruiters can save time doing repetitive jobs and work more on brainstorming to improve their recruitment strategies. Ask your ATS vendor about features that support virtual hiring:

  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate screening
  • Automated communication
  • Interview scheduling
  • Virtual interview
  • Virtual onboarding

2. How do you support candidate engagement?

Manually communicating with hundreds of applicants is time-consuming. Most applicant tracking systems have chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and templates for automated communication and timely updates. However, you must ask your ATS vendor if the communication through an applicant tracking system would be consistent and personalised.

3. How do you ensure that my data is safe?

A good ATS vendor is proactive about security and can protect you from attacks and data breaches. You can ask your ATS vendor for a document that explains how they collect, store and use your information.

4. What career sites are part of your ATS?

Popular job boards

To get your job openings to reach millions of candidates, you must publish them on popular job boards. Find out if the ATS has integrated popular career sites. Some of the popular job boards in India are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Naukri
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Iimjobs
  • AngelList

5. Can I conduct a video interview using your ATS?

PyjamaHR video interview

An applicant tracking system must have an in-built video interview tool and integrate popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The PyjamaHR ATS has a video interview feature optimised for recruitment. You can have everything you need for an interview organised in one place. Also, while you conduct an interview, you can easily view the candidate’s profile and information on the resume.

Video interviews allow you to conduct interviews remotely. Ask your ATS provider about everything their software would provide to make video interviews easy.

6. Can I generate reports using your ATS to evaluate performance?

Fully evolved applicant tracking systems don’t just store data but also organise them so that you can analyse and draw meaningful insights. You may want to dive deep into the data of your recruitment process. And analyse things like:

  • How many candidates were sourced
  • How many candidates applied
  • Candidate’s source of application
  • Number of candidates who moved to the interview stage
  • Out of those interviewed number of candidates hired
  • Average time to hire
  • Average time to reject

You can generate reports and analyse all these metrics using the PyjamaHR applicant tracking system. Find out if the ATS can generate reports to let you analyse useful recruitment metrics.

7. How easy is collaborating with hiring managers, interviewers and other HR professionals using your ATS?

An applicant tracking system is the best tool for collaborative hiring. A good ATS like PyjamaHR allows recruiters to involve other recruiters, hiring managers and teammates to participate in screening, interviewing and other crucial stages. They can share feedback on candidates and make a collective hiring decision. Ask your ATS provider if you can involve members in your organisation during screening, interviewing and other decision-making stages of the recruitment process.

8. How good is your customer support?

Knowledge base and customer support

After implementing an applicant tracking system, you would want your recruitment process to speed up. A good knowledge base and video library of easy-to-understand user guides can ensure that you resolve issues faster. Hence, ask your ATS vendor about their knowledge base and customer support service. 

Hiring the right talent is the key to a successful business. Look for the best applicant tracking system that can streamline your recruitment process. PyjamaHR is one such software that releases regular feature updates, ensures data security and has a good knowledge base and customer support, making hiring faster and easy.

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