Lights, Camera, Action: 7 Movies Every HR Should Watch!


Isn’t it amazing how the world of movies can inspire, teach and entertain us all at the same time? Here are seven cinematic gems that can inject a dose of inspiration into your HR journey. Popcorn, anyone?

1. “Up in the Air” (2009)

George Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham works as a corporate downsizer who goes around dismissing employees, but things become difficult when a new hire recommends conducting layoffs through video conference. Welcome to the real world! This film serves as a reminder of the value of empathy and interpersonal connections in human resources. Keep in mind that we are dealing with people, not simply personnel or employee ids.

2. “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006)

HR professionals must see this moving story of adversity and perseverance. The character played by Will Smith is a wonderful example of the value of tenacity and toil in conquering adversity. This is the key insight: Never undervalue the potential of your team members; each one has a special tale to tell and a lot to promise.

3. “The Intern” (2015)

This movie is a fantastic example of how age is only a number. Ben, a 70-year-old intern at an online retailer of clothing, offers the youthful crew a unique viewpoint and a wealth of expertise. It serves as a lesson about the importance of diversity and age inclusiveness.

4. “Inside Out” (2015)

A lovely Pixar cartoon that expertly captures emotional responses in people. It’s a great way to remember that our staff members are not machines. They require their feelings and emotions to be acknowledged and appropriately controlled. Are you prepared to learn more about emotional intelligence, HR?

5. “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)

Meryl Streep’s role, the stern boss Miranda Priestly, and Anne Hathaway’s, the mistreated assistant, highlight the value of a positive work environment and competent leadership in this drama about the fashion business. HR, let’s try to create workplaces where justice, respect, and optimism are the norm.

6. “Moneyball” (2011)

This film imparts a potent lesson about using data to inform decisions. On a limited budget, Brad Pitt’s character assembles a competitive baseball club using data analytics. Greetings from HR analytics! Making data-driven HR choices may increase ROI, efficiency, and effectiveness.

7. “Hidden Figures” (2016)

An effective reminder of the value of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Three African-American women who were essential at NASA are portrayed in the film. People, embrace variety. The powerhouses of invention and creativity are diverse teams!


Movies are an emotion, and it is the quickest way of personally affecting people. These 7 movies will not only entertain you, but it would also help you get inspiration on how to be a better HR personal!

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