6 best career page ideas (with examples) to implement right away


Creating and optimising the career page is a key consideration for building a strong employer brand. Most active job seekers and potential future candidates visit the company’s career page for a detailed insight into their career if they get to work for you.

In this blog, we have listed examples of best career pages and ideas to enhance employer branding through the careers page.

1. Put your company’s “About Us” and mission statement on top of the career page

Belmond Careers

For jobs at companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, attracting candidates needs no introduction to what the company is all about. They are dream companies for millions of job seekers. However, for companies that are lesser known, candidates want to learn more about them before deciding whether they wish to apply. Belmond’s careers page is one of the best examples you can take inspiration from.

Another important point is to have a clear mission statement that inspires the type of employees you are looking for.

2. Highlight your company’s values

Careers at Airbnb

Top candidates are keen to understand your company’s core values before applying. It helps them identify if their values match your organisation’s values. So, on your company’s career page, define your core values. It impacts the readers and triggers them to take action.

3. Ensure a high-quality career page design that grabs attention

Careers at Pinterest

Compare the career pages of competitor websites to check which one appeals more to their target candidates. Even when both have the same recruitment goals, offering the same benefits and perks, one will perform better than the other. The reason may lie in design. 

Take career page design inspiration from industry leaders who have successfully built their teams. Be careful in determining text, font and design elements to guide candidate attention to the part of the career page that requires user action.

4. Include photos and videos

Vague content types, text, photos and videos impact your career page, making it look bland and monotonous.

Plan the right mix of well-thought-of messages, photos and videos. They add authenticity to your messages. Use them to show your company’s work culture – a day in the life of your current employee at work, events and team outings. It will help candidates visualise what it would be like to work for you.

5. Include employee benefits and perks

Careers at Airbnb

Include unique benefits and perks on the career page. It captivates top candidates to consider your jobs. Today, top contenders expect benefits like paid time-offs, free lunches and paid gym membership.

6. Add FAQs

FAQs complete your career page. Even companies like Google address candidates’ most common questions through FAQs on their career pages.

Google Careers

It will save both the candidates’ and the recruiters’ time and effort. Candidates don’t have to contact you for every query that they come across.

Once you have created a sleek career page using the above tips, it’s time to power it with good applicant tracking and recruitment software. Consider using the PyjamaHR applicant tracking system to track every applicant. Use it to screen, filter, evaluate and conduct interviews. And send updates on their application status.

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