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4 major reports to look for in an ATS


Modern-day recruiters avoid tedious paperwork and complex calculations to measure their recruitment success. Instead, they prefer using tools that can summarise their recruitment process through meaningful reports. ATS report shed light on crucial areas and help you measure the recruitment process at all stages.

So, what reports should your ATS measure? 

The efficiency of your recruitment process depends on several factors.

1. Candidate source performance report

This ATS report shows the performance of your job posts on various channels. It displays the summary of the number of candidates you get from different sources, how many of them moved to the interview process and how many of them got hired.

Source performance report

Focus on identifying channels that give a better response to your job openings.

2. Candidate pipeline status

It shows an updated status of the candidate pipeline at each recruitment stage and the number of candidates in those stages. It is helpful when you quickly want to see the number of candidates at different stages of the recruitment process. 

Candidate pipeline report

3. Time to hire report

“Time to hire” applicant tracking system report measures how fast candidates move through the hiring process, in days, from sourcing to hiring. Using this ATS report, you can view how long it took to fill different job vacancies, identify gaps in the recruitment process and figure out improvements to reduce the average hiring time.

4. Team productivity report

Using the team performance ATS report, you can monitor the productivity of your recruitment team. It helps you track recruiters’ activities like the number of candidates they have sourced, the number of interviews they have scheduled, number of hired and rejected candidates. 

PyjamaHR team performance report

With the PyjamaHR applicant tracking system reports, you can monitor every stage of your recruitment process. Identify and track what works for you and what you must change. Let PyjamaHR help you streamline your recruitment process. Book a demo or sign up now to simplify your hiring process.

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