Influencer marketing tips to speed up quality hiring


People trust influencers and their recommendations. They have millions of followers. Hence, companies use influencer marketing to promote their brands and job openings. Collaborations between brands and influencers happen on social media platforms to leverage their features. It is a new strategy in recruitment which works. 

In this blog, I will share quick ideas on using influencer marketing for recruitment.

1. Understand how influencer marketing works in recruitment

Influencer marketing on social media and streaming platforms

Influencers are the best way to communicate with the target candidates. They use genuine, smart and curated content and convey them in a relevant context to tell their followers about your open positions. 

Find popular influencers and make them your ambassadors. Ask them to promote your vacancies, film your workplace culture, and record celebrations to post on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Collaborate with the right influencers to reach the target candidates

Ensure you collaborate with influencers whose audiences are your target candidates. Also, ensure the candidates perceive them as credible in promoting your brands and job roles. Influencers having the exact or related profession you are hiring for is the best. However, some influencers can be equally good at convincing their audience for any role.

You can find influencers for all different niches. Travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, financial advisors, educators, career advisors, and others.

3. What to do after you have found your influencer?

When you have found the right influencers after checking their credibility, followers and engagement, use their expertise. Collaborate with them to build employer branding strategies and create authentic messages to convey when you reach out to millions of people.

Leverage their huge reach

Utilising an influencer’s huge reach for recruitment marketing

Influencers have a huge reach of people who willingly consume their content. So far, companies have been using influencers to sell their products and services. Now is the right time to use them to promote employer branding and jobs.

Create engaging content

As candidates look for opinions of influencers they follow, create content to talk about first-hand experiences working with your company. The content influencers share can also include employee testimonials, interviewing former employees and reviews on glassdoor. The content must convey the message with the same level of conviction as a current employee who lives the story every day.

Target young audience

The majority of the followers influencers have are young talents. Hence, it is one of the best channels to target candidates and build an incredible workforce of young people. Plan advocacy campaigns and referrals to reach out to young followers of your influencers.

  • Advocacy campaigns – When an influencer delivers written or verbal content talking about how great it is to work in your company, they act as an advocate for you as an employer. 
  • Referral campaigns – Companies utilise their current employees as social media influencers for referral campaigns. Through social posts, they keep their companies in good light to grab the attention of their personal and professional network. Referral bonuses, acknowledgement and non-monetary incentives keep them motivated to help their company find talent from their network.

4. The next steps:

To maximise the benefits of your influencer marketing campaign, follow the following next steps:

Create a branded career page

After social media influencers have done enough to convince their followers, you will see people visiting your company profiles on social media and your career page to know more about your company. 

Build a compelling career page. Showcase employee benefits and incredible work culture to convince visitors to apply to your jobs. 

Use a recruitment software

When everything works well, and applications start pouring, use recruitment software to maintain efficiency. Choosing to review the resumes and screening candidate profiles manually makes no sense. It is a repetitive and time-consuming task modern recruiters have automated. Consider using PyjamaHR applicant tracking system, which automates repetitive jobs to save plenty of time and make recruitment efficient.

Influencer marketing is rapidly growing to help businesses promote their jobs and contribute to employer branding. Use the interactive community influencers built over the years. It is one of the best strategies for recruiters looking to fill their vacancies.

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