5 smart employer branding ideas to boost talent attraction


Strong employer branding plays a major role in recruitment success. According to a LinkedIn report, 72% of recruiting leaders agree that employer branding significantly impacts hiring. More and more companies are adopting employer branding tactics to influence candidates’ perceptions of how they see them as employers. 59% of employers worldwide are investing in employer branding to attract people to work with them (LinkedIn).  

We have identified the 5 most effective employer branding ideas companies use to attract top candidates:

1. Determine your Employer Value Proposition(EVP)

Find answers to questions like – Why have your current employees chosen you over others? What makes them stay with you? What do they like about your company?

Consider offering employee surveys to get answers to these questions. Most desirable companies like Google and Microsoft use the same approach (SurveyMonkey). 

It will help you determine elements of your “Employer Value Proposition“, suggesting things you have done right and those you must improve.

Elements of Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Five of the essential elements of every employee value proposition are:

  1. Compensation
  2. Benefits
  3. Career
  4. Work environment
  5. Culture

2. Develop your content strategy

Employer branding content strategy

Candidates come across a range of information before they make a perception of you as an employer. They visit your company’s career page and your company profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media sites. 

Develop a content strategy for each platform that appeals to target candidates. Create content ideas that educate, inspire and entertain your target candidates and promote you as an employer.

3. Build an appealing career page

Use your career page to show how exciting it is to work with you. Optimise it to appeal to target candidates. Update it with team photos and glimpses of exciting events and showcase the company’s values.

Slack career page

Consider building a career page using LinkedIn Talent Solution or using one of the applicant tracking systems. Thousands of companies use the PyjamaHR “career site” solution to create a great first impression on potential candidates. 

Building-a-career-page-using PyjamaHR-ATS
Building a career page using PyjamaHR ATS

Consider your candidate persona to customise the career page, post clear job descriptions and mention employee benefits to attract more applicants.

4. Use social media to share photos and videos that promote company culture

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to post exciting stories. They are the current favourites of millions of job seekers. 

Content stadium – social media strategy for employer branding

Create and curate content to share on social media for:

  • New hire announcements
  • Promotion announcements
  • Workplace updates
  • Celebrations
  • Company culture

5. Make current employees your brand ambassadors

Employees are the brand ambassadors of a company. Share employee videos on social media platforms. Record employee testimonials that feel genuine. Capture precious moments like employee appreciation. Ask your employees to be your advocate and share their true experiences on social platforms to contribute to your employer branding.

Besides sharing updates on social media, happy employees constantly talk about you as an employer in their conversations with their friends, family and colleagues, contributing to employer branding.

Employer branding is helping millions of employers attract talented people. Rethink your employer branding to identify the weak links. Make it an ongoing process to elevate recruitment process efficiency and build a strong reputation as an employer.

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