6 time-saving tips recruiters can use right away


Do you keep hopping over a bunch of tasks? It is challenging to complete tasks on time if you don’t plan and prioritise them. With a hurry and finish approach, you may fail to complete some crucial jobs on time and make many mistakes. A few easy-to-adopt time-saving tips can save crucial few hours and ease stressful situations.

In this blog, you will learn 6 productivity hacks recruiters use to make the best of their time in a day.

1. Block off time for tasks which are on priority

Prioritising tasks

People tend to hurry and finish everything without ranking them in order of priority. In such a scenario, getting things done on time isn’t easy. 

Prioritise jobs in hand from most important to least important. Listing tasks in order of importance relieves you of a hurried approach, and you become more productive and organised. When you know what is of utmost importance and must be done earliest, you will cross them out first and not feel the burden of running behind. 

2. One-click job post to multiple job boards 

There are so many job boards, all of them claiming to be the best. First, determine the relevant job boards. Prepare an attractive job description that appeals to your target candidates. On finalising the job description, publish them on various job portals. Use the same description across various job boards. 

However, posting jobs on individual job boards requires switching websites which may take some time. To make it quick, consider using an applicant tracking system like PyjamaHR that lets you post jobs on multiple job boards with a click.

One-click job post to multiple job boards

3. Use predefined templates 

Using pre-defined communication template

Writing a job description from scratch for every new position, follow-up emails, updating candidates on their progress through the hiring process and writing a series of screening questions is time-consuming. It is tedious, especially when you are hiring in bulk. 

Using predefined templates is one of the best time-saving tips. You will save a lot of time reusing the template. Every time a similar communication is made, use the old template. And every time a new requirement comes up, use the template as a foundation and customise it for the new requirements.

4. Use email sequencing to send follow-up messages

Email sequencing

Use this amazing feature that already exists on most email services. Use a calendar to schedule email updates to candidates as they move through the hiring process – sending reminders for screening calls and interviews, and updating them on being shortlisted.

5. Allow candidates to self-schedule interviews

It takes a lot of time communicating back and forth to fix a time when both the candidates and interviewers are available for a screening call or a personal interview. Instead of wasting time doing the same thing for a number of candidates, consider allowing them to self-schedule their interview. Send them a link to pick an available time slot. Use appointment scheduling tools like Calendly or PyjamaHR ATS. They make interview scheduling quick and easy.

Self-scheduling interview

6. Automate generating report

The benefit of a consolidated database of information and reports is that you get insights into what went right and whatnot. Use the PyjamaHR Applicant tracking system to view reports and analyse performance. You can address things that went wrong and clone the process, which is efficient and looks the best.

These time-saving tips will free up a few hours of your time, and you will not lag in finishing jobs. You will have a streamlined workflow to earn appreciation within your company. Also, you will have enough time to spend in planning and discussions to come up with new ideas that simplify the hiring process.

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