The all-in-one guide to master social recruiting on LinkedIn


Mastering social recruiting can be a huge task. Start with LinkedIn, the current favourite of over 830 million users. Professionals across industries use LinkedIn to search for jobs.

Social recruiting on LinkedIn

In this blog, I will share quick ideas on LinkedIn recruiting strategies to hire efficiently.

1. Define your messaging for posts and engagement

Before planning LinkedIn posts and messaging for engagement, work with your recruitment team and hiring managers to make your recruitment messaging effective. Add a guide that everybody in the team can refer to before planning a campaign. It must include things like:

  • Personalisation
  • Triggering interest
  • Call to action

2. Send invitations

LinkedIn InMail

Send invitations to prospective candidates to apply to the open positions in your organisation. Use LinkedIn’s InMail feature to reach out to candidates who are not your connections. As per a LinkedIn report, candidates’ responses to InMail messages are three times higher than regular emails. 

3. Update your employer profile

Company profile on LinkedIn

An updated company profile on LinkedIn helps candidates find the right information. Optimise it to appeal to target candidates. Update company address and contact number. Share workplace updates and exciting employee stories. Post pictures to show what it is like to work in your company.

4. Use LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” feature

LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply”

Using the “Apply” or “Apply Now” button, recruiters route candidates to their company’s website or other job boards. It requires candidates to sign up and create an account, which may cause candidates to discontinue the application process.

With LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” feature, candidates can apply with one click.

5. Use LinkedIn’s recruitment products

LinkedIn talent product

Use LinkedIn’s recruiter products – Recruiter Lite & Recruiter, to speed up your recruitment process and make it efficient. They streamline sourcing and contacting potential candidates. 

Recruiter Lite – Great for a small pool of candidates.

Recruiter – Eases high-volume hiring.

6. Track metrics and optimise strategies

Using Recruiter Lite, you will see reports on job posts and InMail performance. With Recruiter, you will see reports on plus insights, recruiter usage, pipeline and performance summaries besides job post and InMail performance. (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn recruiter report

Source: Crazyegg

Also, you have LinkedIn products like Talent Insights and Talent Hub.

Talent Insights – A real-time data-driven tool that provides actionable insights and personalised recommendations. You can view data on:

  • Talent supply and demand
  • Employer branding metrics
  • Company reports
  • Competitors and the market  

Talent Hub – An applicant tracking system that lets you source candidates and manage their data during the process and hire. Like other ATS on Talent Hub, you can get insights to make recruiting decisions.

7. Develop a content strategy that strengthens your employer’s brand

A content strategy for LinkedIn will contribute to building a strong employer brand, provided the focus is on potential candidates. Your content strategy on linkedin Should contain:

  • New hire announcements
  • Promotions announcements
  • Posts on celebrating a work anniversary
  • Pictures and videos of company events 
  • Posts on how you overcome challenges and address problems
  • Photos and videos on how you maintain your company culture

8. Use an ATS with LinkedIn integration

Use an applicant tracking system with LinkedIn integration. Using a tool like the PyjamaHR ATS, you can publish jobs on LinkedIn and other job boards with one click. The ways you can use an ATS:

  • Screening resume
  • Filtering candidates
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Conducting interviews
  • Sending reminders
  • Sending notifications emails
  • Feedback process
  • Rolling out offer letters

Social recruiting give companies opportunities to strengthen their employer brand.  LinkedIn has millions of job seekers. Networking and engaging on LinkedIn will help attract qualified candidates. Using the right Linked recruiting strategies and streamlined tools, you will improve your applicant quality and make better hiring decisions.

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