Tools to help recruiters provide the best candidate experience


According to Glassdoor, 80% of candidates drop off during the application process. If candidates do not have a good experience, they leave the application midway. Also, a delayed response to applications impacts candidate experience. Talented candidates lose interest if not contacted within a few days. 

Poor execution at later stages, like assessments and interviews, also drive candidates away.

Recruitment-tools-to-improve candidate-experience
Recruitment tools to improve candidate experience

Technology has become an essential part of the hiring process, assisting recruiters in keeping candidates’ experience upright throughout their hiring process. Here are the best tools you can use to provide the best candidate experience:

1. Text analyser for writing job descriptions

The job description is one of the few critical areas candidates assess to determine the company’s work culture. Also, it must clearly state the role and responsibilities of the position. Your job description must have keywords to grab the attention of candidates. It will positively impact the candidate’s decision to apply. 

Find tools to help you write, optimise and improve your job description. Use text analyser tools to check:

  • Suggestions for improving the job title
  • Length of your job description
  • Gender biases
  • Keywords
  • Text sentiments   

Grammarly has been one of the most popular writing assistants. Other most used text analysers include Textio, Taprecruit, TalVista and Job

2. Chatbots

Manually responding and updating an overwhelming number of candidates is time-consuming. Many times, candidates are looking for factual information. They might want to know more about the position’s roles and responsibilities to determine if they are fit for the job. 


A chatbot is one of the best candidate experience enhancement tools. It is extremely helpful in keeping the candidates engaged and interested. Use it for:

  • Giving immediate feedback;
  • Sending updates on application status; and 
  • Answering some frequently asked questions 

3. Applicant tracking system

PyjamaHR ATS

An ATS benefit recruiters in providing the best candidate experience. As candidates move through the hiring process, an efficient flow using ATS ensures that the candidate’s journey is fast and they are timely updated.

An applicant tracking system help enhance candidate experience by:

  • Simplifying the complex and lengthy application process
  • Automating communication and interview scheduling
  • Automating job posting 
  • Report generation and analytics
  • Maintaining a talent pool of candidates

Interview scheduling through calendar integration

Scheduling interview on PyjamaHR

The PyjamaHR applicant tracking system has calendar integration to help automate interview scheduling. The flexibility to schedule and conduct interviews when both the applicant and the recruiter are available contributes to a good candidate experience.

4. Online interview tools

As per a Gartner survey, 86% of organisations conducted video interviews to hire candidates during covid-19 restrictions. 79% of organisations are still conducting video interviews post-pandemic restrictions. It is important to be selective about what features you want your video conferencing tool to have in maximising the candidate’s experience. 

Recruiters generally use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to conduct video interviews. However, there are a few other options that are less popular but effective in contributing to candidate experience. 

Some of the best online interview tools optimised for HR purposes are:

  • Interviewstream – It helps candidates prepare for the interview. So, when the candidates appear in the interview, they are equipped with relevant information and responses.
  • Hirevue – It is an amazing mobile-friendly video interview tool that helps recruiters evaluate non-verbal clues like eye movement, facial expressions, voice and body language.
  • PyjamaHRThe PyjamaHR applicant tracking system is equipped with the best video interviewing feature. It is optimised for HR purposes. You can conduct a seamless interview and still access the candidate’s profile without switching tabs.

Positive candidate experience is essential for attracting and hiring great candidates. You must know your candidates and understand what will enhance their experience. Optimise your recruitment process end to end. Integrate tools mentioned earlier to fill gaps in your hiring and boost candidate experience.

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