7 proven recruitment strategies to improve your hiring process


A streamlined recruitment process is helpful for both the candidates and the recruiters. A wrong approach can impact your hiring process, and candidates may not want to seek employment in your organisation. Here are a few recruitment strategies to improve your hiring process at different stages.

1. Write a clear and attractive job description

A clear and attractive job description

If you understand your company’s requirements and the ideal candidates for the open position, it is time to write a clear and attractive job description. An accurately written job description leaves a good impression as candidates witness them. Things you must keep in mind:

  • Write a clear job title
  • Specify details about the open position
  • Use simple language

Also, optimise the job description for both mobile and desktop versions. 90% of job seekers use their mobile phones to search for jobs.

2. Build a strong employer brand

As per a LinkedIn report, a strong employer brand reduces new employee turnover by 28% and recruitment costs by 50%. If you have strong employer branding, you don’t have to do so much active recruitment. You will be sought after by qualified candidates because they like you as an employer.  

Also, if your organisation has an impressive work culture, diverse workforce and a cordial atmosphere, your current employees will likely recommend you to their network of a talented workforce.

3. Maintain talent pipelines

Maintaining a talent pipeline will significantly lower the time and cost of hiring. You will have a pool of talented candidates who are qualified for a role and can fill a position as soon as there is a vacancy in your organisation. Your talent pipeline may comprise:

  • Your current employer who possesses skills and can be promoted
  • Sourced candidate database
  • Employee referrals
  • Potential candidates through college job fairs

Using the traditional approach, maintaining the database of candidates on a spreadsheet, tracking them and staying connected is challenging. 

Use the PyjamaHR applicant tracking system to maintain your talent pipeline. So when a requirement comes up for a skilled role, you will know which group of candidates to approach and how to convince them.

Talent pipeline

4. Keep your recruitment efficient and quickly moving

Employ skilled candidates quickly before they find opportunities elsewhere. Hence, to save time, automate the standard processes like posting to job sites, screening candidates and interview scheduling. To do so: 

  • Use templates: Use a predefined template for job descriptions, invitation emails, and application status emails. Keep updating the templates to stay relevant. Also, edit them to sound personalised and informal. 
  • Use recruitment software: Recruitment softwares like interviewing tools, candidate relationship management systems and applicant tracking systems makes recruitment efficient. Integrated with meaningful features, the PyjamaHR ATS will help automate most stages, making the recruitment process efficient and quickly moving.

5. Offer lucrative employee benefits

In addition to a good salary, company culture and cordial work environment, companies that offer benefits like health insurance, flexible working hours, paid time off, and professional development benefits appeal to a large group of qualified candidates.

6. Effectively assess candidates

One of the reasons 3 out of 4 employers end up getting a bad hire is their candidate assessment method. To effectively evaluate a candidate, review the candidate’s resume carefully, ask for work samples, give assignments, and conduct technical interviews. Evaluating at multiple stages will ensure you hire the right candidate.

7. Conduct interviews effectively

An interview is your chance to sell the position to a qualified candidate. You may interview to determine whether a candidate is talented and culturally fit. Also, you test the candidate’s personality, soft skills, communication, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. Hence, it is important to be a good listener. 

You must be prepared to conduct an awesome interview. Determine the interview panel and be prepared with the relevant questions necessary to evaluate the candidate on various parameters.     

If you conduct video interviews, ensure to make them effective. Prerequisites to conducting video interviews include checking for internet connectivity and video processing. Use the best video conferencing platforms like zoom, Microsoft teams and google meet. You can also go a step ahead and use the PyjamaHR video interview feature, improved for HR purposes.

In a candidate-led market and as workforce dynamics are becoming more and more complex, hiring without a recruitment strategy in place could be a task. Today, the recruitment process is about grabbing qualified candidates’ attention. Hence, candidate experience is of utmost importance. You must uplift your recruitment efforts to maintain your reputation as an employer, create quality content, enhance the candidate experience and use an applicant tracking system to hire good candidates efficiently.

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