10 Most Important Applicant Tracking System Features


Applicant Tracking Systems are packed with features that coordinate the entire hiring process. You need to know so many of them to navigate and get your CV across. So that you know, not all ATS platforms are created equal because many HR managers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for their various businesses. Research shows that about 1000 candidates are applying for a particular job, and only about 250 of them are getting selected. Top companies use sophisticated ATS platforms to attract candidates whose applications stand out. It is essential to know at least 10 of the most critical Applicant Tracking System Features.

Want to choose the right ATS for your organization? We have listed out the most important Applicant tracking system features just for you.
Every Applicant Tracking System provides different features. Understand the features before choosing an ATS for your organization.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System is a computer-based hiring tool. It helps HR managers to save time, energy, and stay organized while searching for the best and most qualified candidates.

According to a recent study, 98% of Fortune 500 have an applicant tracking system, and over half of multi-midsize companies use them. ATS is very much like Search engine optimization for websites that gives you results based on whatever you wish to know and whatever you typed into the search engine that could be relevant to you. That’s precisely what ATS does for recruiters! It knows what’s in the job description and uses an algorithm to scan through profiles to see which of them matches the requirements. The results could come in as 82% match or 90% match based on what the recruiters are looking for and if you are suitable.

The utmost purpose of ATS is to manage the entire hiring process by organizing and picking out candidates into a single database. 

10 Important Applicant Tracking System Features

Here are 10 Important Applicant Tracking System Features to help you excel in the current competitive job market.

  1. Job Distribution
  2. Manage/Schedule Interviews
  3. Advanced Search Options
  4. No Candidate Login Required
  5. Onboarding Equipment
  6. Talent Pool
  7. Marketing & Branding
  8. Candidate Sourcing
  9. Analytics & Report
  10. Collaborate with Teammates

Let’s deep dive into each and every one of the features now.

Job Distribution

An ATS software gets the job posting to as many job search platforms as possible to ensure that many candidates apply to their business. The higher the chances of getting the perfect and qualified applicants for the job by maximizing the search.

Many significant recruitment sites such as Monster, zip recruiter, Jobrapido, and many others use these Applicant Tracking Systems in India and beyond. This implies that when creating the job, it can be instantly posted to these recruitment websites with a few clicks and without stress.

ATS like PyjamaHR gets your job post to so many websites and job boards that it receives applicants from across and not just settling for the few available candidates. This helps a lot in the distribution channel.

Managing/Scheduling Interviews

Another feature of an ATS is creating and managing interviews. After posting the job requirement to many platforms, ATS collects the CVs and resumes from all applicants from various sites. It also helps in evaluating the applicants. Those who get shortlisted are privileged to move forward to the next stage of the application process, the Interview. With the Applicant Tracking System, one can quickly communicate with the shortlisted candidates. You can also conduct interviews directly to the candidates using this feature.

It also saves time and energy because the ATS automatically sends a reminder to the recruiter and the candidate when it is time to interview. So scheduling interviews with ATS got a lot easier. ATS like PyjamaHR have integrated GSuite within the ATS, so now, sending emails from your work Gmail, scheduling interviews in Google Meet, and marking Google Calendar are all effortless.

Advanced Search Options

Companies choose ATS because they want to manage a large amount of information. It is also an advantage because the search options are built-in. ATS is built around a modern and advanced search function that provides you access to every variable so one can easily and quickly find whatever they need. Finding applicants in an ATS can be done easily and is more reliable than finding a candidate by going through CVs and resumes manually.

There is a list of things to go through as a recruiter such as, Location, Availability, Salary, Work Experience, Education, and many more.

That’s why ATS possesses features that can help filter and clear up the database created.

No Candidate Login Required

One of the Applicant Tracking System features is that some do not require candidates to create an account before applying. The best and most professional ATS platforms do not include a Login because it could deter applicants from using it to open positions.

Onboarding Equipment

With a well-built system, onboarding can commence as soon as the candidate accepts the offer. ATS can speed up the time to hire and fill in the necessary information for the new position.

By welcoming new hires to the team, one can expect them to have many questions about the business and what they tend to gain from working at that company. That’s why ATS provides us with a system that welcomes these new employees to your company and automatically explains to them what to expect. There could also be a feature that includes the breakdown of the employees’ benefits. The new hire can be motivated to fill in the necessary paperwork to start work immediately.

Talent Pool

ATS helps to store each applicant’s information, i.e., Resume. It holds unto all applications received and even after the position is occupied for future reference.

This is because it may become helpful at the end just in case there is a need to employ additional employees or if the candidate could be a perfect fit for another position. This system helps store all that information so the company would never lose track of such a candidate.

Marketing & Branding

Applicant Tracking System features include having excellent recruitment marketing. A company must be very cautious of how these job descriptions are shared on their social media handles to attract candidates. It is vital to have a page that outlines its mission and values. ATS like PyjamaHR helps with this as that page is always where candidates end up reading after getting in touch with your job post elsewhere.

Candidate Sourcing

ATS possesses the feature of sourcing for potential candidates even if the job position available does not align with the candidate’s profile. There are cases where some candidates stand out not for the role public but for another post the company deems fit for the applicant.

Analytics & Report

ATS helps deliver detailed and exportable recruiting reports and analyses of the whole recruitment process. It’s an added advantage to the company because the data will help make informed decisions based on the previous recruiting strategy. A better plan could be constructed for the future after going through the data provided.

Collaborate with Teammates

ATS helps in solving the problem of the selection of teammates. After recruiting the new hires, choosing the right applicant to work closely with as a team could be pretty tricky. With the applicant information, you can still assign different roles to different team members and control the confidentiality of the company’s data. This enables the whole team to consider and be part of the entire selection process. 

Also, after each round of interviews, we can share feedback within the team easily using an ATS. With this easy feedback sharing process, moving a candidate from one round to another will become easier and less time consuming.


ATS helps to reach more qualified candidates as the job market grows. It is a fact that an ATS like PyjamaHR has helped about 98% of 1000+ different organizations in their hiring process. With the above-mentioned Applicant Tracking System Features (ATS), one should be ready to get a system that works for the size and volume of your business.

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